Calling all irish! I am a UK applicant applying to study dentistry at TCD in Dublin..?

Hi, I'm apply for dentistry here in England to 4 universities. I also wanted to apply to TCD. Can someone explain how the points system works in Ireland? I don't understand why the grade boundaries are so low there! i thought it was a good uni! they ask for a B/C in chem and bio :S Please could you also tell me how do i apply? is it through UCAS? Do i apply as an international applicant? do i have to pay the full fees? please give me some help!

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    B & C in Biology and Chemistry means that if you get a B in Biology then you need at least a C Chemistry, or vice versa (in other words a C in both won't be accepted). Those are just the course specific requirements. To get the points needed you'll actually need higher grades.

    You need 570 points. (570 points is the level for 2009. The points change every year but are generally 560-575 for dentistry).

    I presume you're doing A-levels.

    Here's the points given for each grade-

    A-level (A2):

    A - 150

    B - 130

    C - 105

    D - 80

    AS level:

    A - 60

    B - 50

    C - 40

    D - 30

    To work out how many points you have you,

    - take grades of your best 4 A-level (A2) subjects (from one year) and add up the points


    - take grades of your best 3 A-level (A2) subjects (from one year)and from 1 AS level subject (from the previous year) and add up the points

    So for example-

    Using 4 A-level (A2) results: Let's say you do Biology, Chemistry, History, French all A2, to get 570 points you need 3 A's and a B. This would give you 150+150+150+130 = 580 points.

    If you get 2 A's and 2 B's you'll have 560 points. The points could drop to 560, they have in the past.

    If you get 1 A and 3 B's you'll have 540 points, the points won't drop that low.

    Basically you need to try 3 A's and a B' to be sure you'll have enough points, 2 A's and 2 B's could be enough, anything less won't be.

    Using 3 A-level (A2) results and one AS results theres no possible way to get 575 points. With 3 A's at for A2 results and an A for the As result you would have 150+150+150+60 = 510.

    So basically you need 4 subjects at A2 level and you need to try to get AAAB to be sure you have enough points.

    You apply through the CAO

    Fees is a difficult topic because the government is changing how fees work here next year.

    If you were entering this year you would pay a registration fee of €1500 and the government pays your tuition fees (so it's free).

    However from 2010 it will no longer be free but we still don't know exactly how it'll work, its anyone's guess really. The full tuition fee is €31,000.

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    Not sure. They normally go by best scores out of six subjects each earning 100 points. If you scored high point in all subjects and appled you'd have the same chances as everyone else.

    Chances are slim to be honest, their is record number of applicants since people met the recession.

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