how to change the oil and clean the air filter on a 1999 ford fiesta?

im 17 don't no loads about cars, its my mums car bought it a wile ago it wasn't looked after AT ALL. its done 68,000 miles and i don't think its had a service at all and at the moment cant afford it so thought i would do it myself but don't know what tools i need and how to do the job.


by the way its a 1.25 zetec engine.

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  • Ian S
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    1 decade ago
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    Don't know particularly for a fiesta but ...

    As its over three years old it should be MOT'd every year (or VOSA) usually serviced and MOT'd together, otherwise its illegal to drive and the ANPR cameras will flag you up every time

    Usually replace the air filter, can get from halfords, or ebay or local motor factor, whatever you do don't remove it and run the engine without one, it will be great for a while then B*** expensive to repair.

    Some you can clean by washing with petrol, but they are usually paper and that would destroy it, if its a cloth sort of thing then washing with petrol is the usuall way, but let it dry out before you try running it.

    Usually follow the air intake pipes and you'll come to a plastic box that holds the air filter, sometimes held closed by spring clips or screws. Air intake is other side of engine from exhaust.

    If its misfiring, could be that or spark plugs, you can remove and clean them, or replace them. You will need a set of feeler guages to re-set the gaps and a plug wrench to remove/ replace them.

    For the oil change - no point unless you also replace the oil filter, just keep it topped up, but on no account overfill or you end up bowing the end gaskets.

    To change the oil you need it up on ramps, or over a pit, or on a lift, or jack it onto axel stands. There should be a bolt (or maybe a plug with a hex socket) on the very bottom of the engine, removing this will let the oil out. This should be done with the engine hot to get best drainage. The oil filter should be somewhere on the side of the engine, looks vaguely like a coke can but with a rounded bottom, sometimes a hex nut on the bottom, sometimes you need a filter wrench to remove them. Some have a heavy casing and you replace an insert, some are lighter (cartridge filter) and you just unscrew and screw in a new one. Always use the new seals that come with the filter., sometimes you need to scrape the old seals off, but usually not to hard.

    The local tech colleges used to do a motor maintenance evening classes that cost next to nothing and will give you enough nonce to not get screwed by the garage recommending unnecessary or inappropriate repairs.

    Another good tip is to go to the local motor factors and blag your way as trade, get name and address of local back street garage and say they asked you to pick up the parts. I got 45 quid oil (0w30) for 13 quid etc...

    Woops, bit long of an answer

    Source(s): Father was mechanic, used to rebuil engines and gearboxes, now IT engineer, run my own car 40,000+ miles per year - just buy a cheap one, fix it, drive it and sell it.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    change the oil- locate the sump (wide lump of metal under the engine) and find the sump plug (it kinda looks like a bolt) remove the plug and have a container ready to catch the oil as it comes out (its a messy job be careful) and then put the sump plug back in. pour new oil into the top of the engine ( a yellow ring attached to a top of a tube) funnels are very handy for doing this

    clean the air filter- not possible, get a new one there are probably a few screws to remove etc don't try to clean it this wont make a difference

    spark plugs are another thing you could need to change- you may need a special attachment to put on a ratchet just screw them out and screw in the new ones

    all the above stuff should cost not as much as a service in a garage mabye 20-40 quid

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    considering you have torn the edge of that clean out, save the wrench strap as near to the engine as a probability. If I remember properly, once you place the recent one on remember a million/2 turn after the gasket contacts the block.

  • 1 decade ago

    get a pan that can hold a gallon of oil and a adjustable wrench,jack front of car up and put a jack stand under frame then looking under the car you will see a bolt head on the oil pan adjust wrench to fit the bolt head and turn it counter clockwise to un-loosen bolt.put underneath the bolt and take bolt out,quickly move hand away and let oil pour into pan.when it stop coming out replace bolt and tighten back up.locate oil filter and remove and put new one on.the looking on top of engine locate oil fill cap and remove and filling with 4 qarts oil.then look for a back square box or tubaler and open it up to expose air filter taking it out throw away and replace with new one then fasten it back into car and theb raise car off jack stand lower car to ground and start car check under car if no oil is leaking from under car pat yourself on back because you just did your first oil change.

    Source(s): master mechanic 37yrs
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  • 1 decade ago

    with your level of knowledge don't do it yourself you will be asking for trouble get someone to recommend a mechanic and take it there

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to youtube and type in oil change on your model car and there you go...

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