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Bella asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Suddenly timid and terrified of sofa (and family room) all day?

Hi, my one year old girl since thiis morning jumped on the sofa, shrieked, and flew off and then hid and was scared of my mom and me. We calmed her down some (this was before I went to school, at six in the morning btw) and then she did the same thing again. Then she did it once more and this time shrieked while she was running once, but not as shrill and loud. my mom and I couldnt find her and she had to drive me to the bus stop. When I came home my mom said she found her under the dining room chair and she wasnt shaking as much (sorry, forgot to add she was shaking) but was still terrified of the sofa and timid toward her and the family room. When I came home, she was excited to see me, just not as much as she always is. She usually licks my face and stuff, but this time she just sniffed me. Oh, and she also may be pregnant. Or it could be false pregnancy because she wasnt around ANY dogs during her first heat at 11 months except one female. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this thread, but I think she might be sick or had a bad dream or something about the sofa lol I dont know, but please help me!


Ill ask my mom if we can ask the vet, but probably not. Shell just say shes only scared for some weird reason. I do think she is really preganant, but maybe I am hoping lol.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Gut feelings are often right. It could be a false preganacy and she could have developed Pyometria with the infection giving her pain internally. Anthing could be giving her pain inside. I think this is something you need to ask your vet about asap. they won't think less of you if she just turns out to be frightened.

    Add: Your family need to be aware that knowlingly permitting a dog to suffer can be considered an offence. If the dog is better to today then that's fine. If not then the dog actually needs to see the vet.

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