I can't get past the 'shut off incorectly' screen on my XP, please help!?

So, I got a free computer from my grandparents. They got a new one, so.. Anyways, apparently the people that got it before us didn't want it, because they turned it off wrong and it wouldn't work. So:

I turn it on, and the black screen comes up that says it wasn't shut off properly and I can go to 'last known configuration', or whatever. No matter which option I choose, it will start to load, get to the 'Welcome..' screen, and go back to the black screen. I pushed a bunch of buttons on the keyboard and a BIOS screen came up, but I don't remember how I got it or know what to do. So please help! I read somewhere that I might have to re-install Windows? I really have no idea. Help me!


I don't know what that means! I don't know anything about computers, you need to explain, please.

Update 2:

when I hiy F8 all that comes up is a tiny blue window that says like.. 'floppy' 'cd rom' and such..

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    1 decade ago
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    when it starts to boot hit F8 and boot into Safe Mode if you can. Then you might want to clean it up a little, get rid of some junk they might have had, and then try to restart it.

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  • wynne
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    3 years ago

    in spite of in case you be in a position of get it booted back up and anticipate that's ok, it remains contaminated and probable won't run very long before it starts off another time. you need to use a LiveCD Anti Virus software and boot the computing gadget up with this well-known and do a test to get rid of what remains interior the domicile windows working device. this might help get you back on your challenge, yet no longer likely. once you get to a factor the place that's previous repairing, there are in basic terms too many records that have been affected and the only decision is doing a clean set up no longer a grimy set up. getting into risk-free mode, does no longer inevitably propose that the working device is going to artwork and boot up commonly. Did you do a restoration to the MBR boot sector. employing a Linux LiveCD you should be waiting to keep a number of your very own records to an exterior no longer easychronic or a thumbchronic, yet undergo in concepts theses must be scanned before you place them back on the computing gadget.

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  • 1 decade ago

    format your machine , u might get good result

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