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Anxiety ?? (Please Help)?

I would like to know peoples opinions on this, i think i am suffering from anxiety and it has just ruined my relationship with the woman i love. I am fine when it is just the two of us, but i suffer from strange panicky feelings when we see other people, im a nightmare at parties, i would rather start an argument and not go to any social gatherings....my friends are all good at talking to people they don't know, i just say nothing and end up getting pushed out, i dread going to the pub, im not sure why, but i seem to suffer around people, to be honest, its also with people i do know i cant even go to Tesco's on my own, i think everyone is staring and judging me, when i was with my girlfriend i was just happy to stay in and watch telly, i even hated people coming to our house...it had to be just the two of us..im not jealous of other people, i have had this for some years now...im 40.. i would appreciate anyones advice...should i go to the doctors, and are there pills that would help ?? Thanks for reading

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    Hi Justin

    Sounds like you have anxiety disorder and the most intense aspect of it being social anxiety.You can get meds from the doc but they are not a cure they will only mask the horrible panicky feelings and they are not suitable long term.Learning relaxation,breathing excercises,taking more physical excercise will all help allieviate the symptoms.Go to Anxietyuk.org where you will find a lot of info and help.I am 57 now and still coping.Good Luck

    Source(s): life long anxiety sufferer
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    I agree with another who answered Sounds like social anxiety disorder

    For more information, symptoms or to chat with others suffering from the same disorder you can visit the link (listed down below)

    My friend and I started a site recently... I wanted to share this site link with you and what the site is about and who it is for. We started it mainly due to the fact she and I both suffer from social anxiety. We have endured panic/anxiety attacks and as for myself, also suffered/ suffer from depression. We were chit chatting via msn messenger and I brought up starting a group for people who also suffer from these problems because when we have these problems, we sometimes feel very alone.

    Voiceless Podium. An online community. It’s for people suffering from AND also it is open to friends, family members and loved ones of those suffering from general anxiety, shyness, panic attacks, OCD, agoraphobia, depression, social anxiety, self injury habits, schizophrenia, eating and body image disorders, borderline personality disorder , post traumatic stress disorder, multiple personality disorder and other mental health issues.

    There are millions of people suffering silently from these invisible torments.

    We are here to provide a safe, family-like community where nobody is judged, ridiculed, or treated badly. Our aim is to provide a place where you can open up without feeling ashamed or embarrassed, or like you have to keep everything bottled up

    Operating mainly through our Forums, we serve as a support and information service to everyone in the area who are limited by these obstacles. A place where you can speak your mind, share your opinions, thoughts and personal experiences with one another.

    Not only for sufferers of these problems but for supporters such as loved ones, friends and family members.

    On the web, you can find us here and follow the links to the Forums!


    Hope to see you there !

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    You should go see a psychologist, It sounds like you

    have severe anxiety, I suffer from it also, But going to

    a psychologist has really helped with social situations.

    Good luck.

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    Sounds like social anxiety disorder

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