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Tallaght Dublin 24 reputation - facts and myths?

I've just moved to Tallaght - Kiltipper to be precise. Please tell me is this neighbourhood as bad as the opinion goes along ? On many forums I've read stories about theft and such. Is this really true or just opinion from times when ppl were getting social houses in jobstown area -and so it had spread to whole tallaght reputation and presists.

P.S. 1) should i put extra locks in apartment ?

2) should i take any extra care for my motorbike left outside ?

i'm gettin paranoid pls help :)

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    Tallaght is a kip. Quinn Direct Insurance won't even ensure people from the Dublin 24 area anymore

    I don't think Kiltipper is that bad though. Only places like Jobstown, Fettercairn and Brookfield

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    I was in college in Tallaght from 1992-1995 and I even worked late nights in the industrial estate, often walking down through the industrial park at 1 and 2am. I never encountered any problems in Tallaght and people from the area are very nice.

    However like all areas, you will have trouble makers. I believe that most of the stabbings etc. which happen are either drug related or are attacks between people who know each other (e.g. inter family / feuds, etc.).

    It is always good to be safe and leaving any expensive items in clear view without security precautions these days is silly. So lock up, make the security items clearly visible - make it difficult for the thieves and ensure that you have a well lit area for your bike. Theft affects all parts of Ireland so be safe and be clever - don't advertise your possessions as being easily stolen.

    Hope that helps!

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    You live there now, how has it been since you've moved?

    I live near enough to Tallaght, it's a nice place, you get the good and bad everywhere, the bad as usual just gets publicised alot more. It's not as bad as its made out to be.

    If your really that paranoid then put another lock on your door for peace of mind although I will say that if its a good bike then yeah take extra care of it, theres a gang in Dublin, not specifically Tallaght, that steal bikes.

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    I do get a lot of sour facial expressions the moment I say Tallaght, but contrary to what seems to be a popular belief, it actually isn't so bad. I've lived here three years in peace with no extra locks in my house, but if it would make you feel better then I say go ahead and do it.

    Of course, I'm sure everyone takes extra care of their motorbikes. One of my neighbours has one, with a tracking device attached to it in case it gets stolen, which he parks in his front yard with a cover.

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    A lot of Dubs tend to exaggerate how bad the area their living in is.

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    I know a guy who lives there and i have been there and he says its ok there

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