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adoption question: do you think that social services scam parents with special needs?

i read this and it left me very suspicious. do social services work with adoption agencies? if so do they scam and target certain people and abuse their power by setting them to fail and forcing them to give up their children?


whisper2 but then how do you define those people? how do you know until they have children?

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    Sorry, Allanas, I'm going to have to disagree with one thing you said (sorry ;-) ).

    Social workers don't work alone. A huge misconception about foster care is that a social worker can just decide to apprehend and, BAM!, the child is removed from his/her family and subsequently (and immediately!) adopted.

    Not only are there lawyers and judges involved, but there are court-appointed advocates for first families. I'm not saying that mistakes are NEVER made, but there are enough checks and balances in place that I really wouldn't say it's the norm. A social worker's opinion means squat when dealing with a couple supervisors, a shortage of foster homes, lawyers, advocates, judges, and particularly, the parents. Believe me, they don't want to apprehend. Every case makes their lives more difficult and eats into their agency's funding.

    That having been said, in the UK, it does seem that the incidences of this are higher...I'm wondering if it's not a side effect of the elimination of private adoptions. Not the I think private adoptions should remain, but it could be a bit of a sociological "glitch" to work out.

    ETA: Oh, Allanas, don't get me wrong, I agree with the rest of what you wrote, and I understand what you're saying...I just didn't want someone with limited knowledge of how S.S. operates to misconstrue what you said and take the "social worker" thing too literally. :-)

    Source(s): soon to be ap - foster care...worked in social services, best friend and sister are both sw's.
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    I think that the social workers mostly have everyone's best interest at heart.


    What the social worker thinks is best, may not be the right solution. Social workers don't have an emotional bond to any of these people, and are usually over worked and under paid. It's easy for them to say, "Put the baby up for adoption", when all the parents needed is a little additional help or training.

    The social worker may be thinking long term. As in, "Sure they can make it work now, but if the economy gets worse, and the state budget/benefits get cut again, and the baby gets sick, where are we all going to be?"

    I'm not excusing it. I'm not saying it's OK! I'm just pointing out how this happens. I don't think it's an abuse of power. I think it's lack of resources, patience, creativity, and the will to do something "outside the box".


    I guess clarification is needed.

    By "social worker" I mean the entire system/process by which children are separated from their families. I'm perfectly aware that there are many people involved in this decision.

    I'm saying the entire process is underfunded, over worked and not interested in finding long term solutions that are maybe more difficult, time consuming and problematic than just the "quick fix" of yanking the child away from special needs parents.

    I'm saying, it's my opinion there's no "scam"/abuse of power involved.

    I mean, that's what the question did ask, right?

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    At times yes.

    I have got to know parents who have had their children taken into care for a variety of reasons including false accusations, in some cases the children have later been taken to care. Some have got their kids back others are still fighting to get their kids back.

    There is a lady I know who is disabled but capable of raising her children but they were removed and later adopted. They have been told she doesn't have a long life expectancy as one of the reasons for them to be adopted but it's not true and she had plenty of support.

    I also know of people who are accused of being "too stupid" to raise their children despite them being able to hold down jobs and having support.

    However I don't think all social workers are out to scam parents with special needs. I know a mother who has been supported by ss as she has a multiple personality disorder to the point of bending over backwards to try and help her. She has refused and chucked back in their faces every bit help that's been offered over the past three years. The last I heard her two eldest will remain in long term foster care, her third has been freed for adoption and the youngest who is about 5 months old is in care.

    Then there are the borderline cases. There is a couple I know who really do care about their children. It's a very involved case and partly why their kids were removed was because they were friendly with a paedophile who has since been in prison but recently released - the husband has known him for many years. The wife has been in foster care due to alleged abuse and has learning difficulties however she is quite capable of raising her children. The social workers have issues with her husband being very controlling of her and the children. Had she left him they would have been prepared to help support her so she could raise her kids.

    The problem with social services in the UK is that they are overworked plus there are the very good ones and the bad ones. The good social workers will do all they can to keep families together the bad ones are the ones who don't take the time to work with families as it's easier to put the kids into care with the view of adoption.

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    No they lean over backwards to help people with disables. Their rights must be protected and they must be represented by an attorney who speaks for them.

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    I think that they should forcibly sterilize people who cannot take care of their kids.

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    they shouldn't get the kids.

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    Well, if they have bad disabilities sorry to say it, but they CAN'T take care of their children. It's not safe for the child.

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