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tom brady or peyton manning?

who is the better player? (now and at their prime)

who has had the better career?

i am only asking this question bc of espn's ranking of the QBs. they put manning ahead of brady which simply makes no sense IMO.


alright people say manning is a stat player?

how is manning a better stats player when brady shattered his record with moss.

mannings had INCREDIBLE offensive weapons throughout his carreer. edgerin james in his prime, harrison in his prime, wayne and lets not forget a GREAT OFFENSIVE LINE with jeff saturday.

yet even with this his greatest season is nothing compare to bradys lone season with moss (talk about minimal chemestry). and you say miami is a bad team, no they were the divionsion champs.

Update 2:

wait brady has a better team? i wud agree now but 5 years ago when the colts had a prime running attack the best WR team.

how did the pats win? because MANNING IS A CHOKER.

now people are going to say well manning won a championship. well heck hes only beaten the pats ONCE in the post season despite all those offensive weapons. and if you look back at that game in which the colts won their were numerous contravercial calls that all went in favor of the colts.

and the bears game? come on did anyone actually think the bears (offensively challenged) cud even match the colts? there was not doubt.

in my mind if you look back at mannings carreer with all the weapons hes had, its surpring that he only won one superbowl. bradys mannaged to win superbowls with guys like troy brown deion branch and antoine smith (sucks). truly is impressive

throw in the fact that brady still produced a huge season with no running game and WR core below pare is remarkable

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    Peyton Manning they were talking about how even special plays and even the littlest details how he practices this with his offense.

    Tom Brady ahs had injuries and is a whiner

  • In 06 Brady started the year with Ben Drops-em' and Doug Gabril, 5 weeks into the season Reche Caldwell was his primary receiver and he still finished with 3500+/25 TD's. He was also tied with Manning for 40+ yarders so anyone saying his numbers were accumulated off dumpoffs and YAC is wrong.

    People that bring up Matt Cassel's success under the same system are also wrong, he played a much easier schedule in 08 and had the number 2 scoring/number 6 rushing run game(Pats couldn't run the football in 07 + Played 11 playoff teams not including 10-6 Cleveland).

    Also, under Cassel the team had an 11 point per game dropoff and went from being the best red zone offense to ranking dead last(Even with the second most rushing TD's).


    Peyton Manning is in my opinion, a system QB, having played the same system for 11 years and having the luxury of Harrison since the start of his career(caught at least 10 TD's for Manning from 98-06). The Colts are a lot like Bill Polians' Bills in the early 90's. Jim Kelley took advantage of no huddle plays to keep a defense from substituting players and beat them in coverage when they become overly fatigued.

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    I think Brady is better. Steady in the regular season, excels in the post season. Manning is a good QB, but that's only in the regular season, once the post season comes around, his game and his confidence kind of disappear.

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    cant go wrong w either but imo manning is a better stat QB...theres no question both r leaders and have the intangibles. Stat wise i give manning the one up. Brady may hold the single season TD record but he basically threw it up and let RMoss catch everything (btw played miami twice that season when they were terrible)

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    Joe Cool has more rings and the hotter wife. Tom Brady all the way.

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    Peyton is the best QB in the NFL. Brady is good but puts up better numbers because he is on an overall better team.

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    Tom Brady has the rings,so it's hard to go against that.

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    Neither, Aaron Rodgers.

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    Peyton Manning is the better player. Better career, could go either way. You could look at Manning breaking the passing records, or Brady's championships. I think if Manning wins one more title, it'll be more clear that he's had the better career.

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    tom brady dahhhhhhh

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