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What do you think about the Green Bay Packers making fans pay for an extra ticket if they bring a baby?

Read this 1st link! A man bought Packers tickets for 8 family members for an exhibition game. He paid $472 for the tickets! The family took a 9 month old baby along that would sit on someone's lap and would not take up a seat. However, the Packers would not allow the baby in free. One of the family members had to go buy another ticket before getting in. Don't you also think it's ridiculous? Also, do any other NFL teams have the same ticket policy?

Another link with someone else ticked off by them;

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    It would be cheaper to just hire a babysitter. Or just have a family member take care of the baby.

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    Although it doesn't seem fair at first thought to require a lap sitting child to have an admission ticket if they are not technically taking up a seat it does make sense that they have this rule to keep from being over capacity. Being a Packers fan I can vouch that Packers fans start out young, very young and some people want their children to have that game experience at Lambeau at a very young age. I, personally, would not take a child younger than 3 years old to a Packer game but some people would and this just makes people really think about whether or not they want to spend that kind of money on a ticket for a baby that will not even remember the experience or care about the game while there.

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    I was going to take my 4 month old son to his first packer game a few years back...but I called the ticket office, and they informed of the rule. It was for the best- I would have been crazy to take the baby in the first place. She said that they have to have a rule, otherwise where do you draw the line. What about a 3 year old that will sit on someone's lap?

    Besides, Lambeau is so crowded I can usually barely fit the nachos on my lap, lol.

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    Is that true? Damn, the Packers have the best family fan base in the league. Children should get in for free. That's a joke.

    I know a Packers game has more fans than a Brewers game but watching a Brewers game on TV you see a bunch of little kids on their parent's laps. They just nap anyway.

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  • No and not trying to be a meanie they could have a lot of reasons. But I think parents take a helluva chance taking a baby so young to a football. People can really get out of control and care nothing about the welfare of others. Some are drinking drunk cursing, its just not the proper place to have a young one. I didn't take mine until 8 years old and then it depended on who my team was playing.. No my feelings are get a sitter you trust or stay home.. :)

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    i think it's stupid to charge them for a child who's going to sit on someone's lap..

    but then again, i really don't see the point of bringing a 9 month old baby to a game in the first place.. they barely know how to walk and talk yet!.. a baby doesn't understand the concept of football..

    i can see bringing a 5 year old to a game, but not an infant..

    if i want to pay the money to go to a game, that's my right.. but i sure as hell don't want a cranky kid interfering with my fun!

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    I'm more upset they're forcing the poor baby to sit through a Packer game.

    - GO BEARS!

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    Yeah...that's not a fan-friendly policy, but...

    The best thing to do for everybody at the stadium would be to get a baby-sittter (like Grandma) and leave the cute little baby at home with some bottled breast milk...

    (Crying babies have been irritating people in movie theaters, on airplanes, and at sporting events for a long time now...I guess people ought to have a heart, and just get used to it...(sigh))

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    People shouldn't bring their babies to a football game in the first place. Why waste money on a ticket when all they will do is cry?

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    I think it is wrong but agree with many here that a baby doesn't need to be at a football game

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