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Capacitor or no capacitor?

Please, I DON'T want to hear about how overrated you think jl is. but i plan to power 2 13w7s with a 2000watt amp. I'm currently powering 1 with a 1500 watt amp. The capacitor i have pulls about 12 amps. in order to power the new amp, will i absolutely need a high output alternator. I don't understand why people tell me that a capacitor won't help... when it's saving my alternator right now. can someone draw these things to a conclusion for me?

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  • MDC
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    1 decade ago
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    No cap...

    A cap does not save your alternator. It will actually put even more strain on the alternator as it is just another load on the alternator. It is not much of a strain though but it won't help save your alternator.

    People buy caps for the wrong reasons. They will NOT give you more power and they will NOT prevent headlight dimming issues. They can help to maintain a consistant voltage. They will prevent sudden spikes in the voltage which can be beneficial. If there is not enough power generated then the cap will do you no good.

    The alternator is what powers all electronics in your vehicle when it is on. That is why it is the most important upgrade to do. You cannot fully power your system if you are not generating enough power to begin with.

    You are buying two very nice subs and I'm guessing a pretty nice amp. Why not finish off the system by upgrading the electrical so you can fully power your amp? You can just run a stock alternator if you want but I would recommend getting a high output alternator eventually. I would strongly recommend you skip the cap and do the "big 3" upgrade instead. It will do you much more good then a cap will. If you have a cap already it won't hurt to install it though.

    Good Luck!!!

    • Justin3 years agoReport

      Yea, the Big 3

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Turtle and jeff = NEWBS!

    A CAPACITOR DOES NOT "SAVE" ALTERNATORS! You obviously do not understand electronics if you believe that 100 percent NEWB MYTH!

    Its not saving your alternator.

    I love JL, but you need a high output alternator. You dont ABSOLUTELY need it, but expect a very short alternator life, extreme voltage dips (that a cap wont help!), the amp possibly going into protection because of under-voltage, and brutally dimming head lights (no a cap wont help that either).

    Ditch the cap, get a HO alt, yellow top battery, and upgrade your big three wiring

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    What type of motor and system are you referring to? You can buy all sorts of capacitors and the type depends on its application. RS Components sells online and Tandy shops sell a limited range but you can buy suppressing capacitors from car spares outlets

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  • 1 decade ago

    so here is the answer. u dont need to change ure alternator. u just haft to give the time for the capacitor(s) to fill up. use a low-meduim engine rev or just drive around for 10 minutes. either way you will haft to wait some time before running the amp to full potental with capacitor(s). the only way to bypass the waiting problem is by having a bunch of precharged batteries. once the caps are full give it a quick high rev for a30 secs to a min to give a little extra amps to ensure the charge for lots of pounding.

    a high output alternator is going to charge the capacitor(s) and battery(s) faster but may damage ure battery and internal electronics. u might be risking ur vehicle and system. plus most car shop wont put a diffrent style or power alternator anyway

    extra info

    the capacitor relieves the battery of the sudden load when the bass pounds(preventing the amp from turning off suddenly from lack of charge) since it acts like a second battery thats can discharge and recharge very quickly but loses it charge within a couple mins of disconecting power going into it. u need to charge the capacitor at around 2700 rmp or around meduim low constant rev. for about 5 mins or so before turning the amp on to anything over 200 watts. it will save ur alternator as long as u use it right.

    the more capacitors you have the more power u can store but it takes longer to charge them. u can overcharge ure alternator by reving the engine at a to high rpm, so no more than just over a meduim rev to charge the capacitor(s)

    but the higher the rev the faster it charges but the more damage u could possibly do to ure alternator. so keep it around meduim lowish rev to be safe.

    or if you drive around for like 5-10 mins it should be ok.

    the alternator can only output oh so much power at a time depending on the rpms of the engine. and the capacitors will still hold the higher rpm charge when ur driving faster. and the capacitors help stop any sudden charge spikes at high rpms to getting to the amp. saving amp fuses.

    otherwise if ure want extra power and u dont care if u lose ure air conditioning unit u can put in another alternator just for the amp and capacitor instead of the air condition unit.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You got it wrong about what it do all it for is to try keep the voltage at a certain point but sometime it change then it can mess up your amplifier and these time get a h.o alternator and no cap because it was but it your money so do whatever you like.

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  • 1 decade ago

    a capacitor does help save your alternator when the amps drawing power

    but after pulling so much power the alternator will go out

    i wouldnt get a better alternator until mine goes out, cuz ive ran up to 1500w and didnt seem like it hurt it much

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