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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 decade ago

Is it ok to date your friends ex boyfriend ?

Ok now i know this question will have been asked thousands and thousands of times and theirs a lot of mixed answers. So i thought i would give you some background info and see your opinion on it. Well i've never been close friends with many people. Always in a group but always sort of left out. So anyway i had this friend and she was totally madly , sorta of obsessively in love with but they ended up dating for 2 weeks, she was too immature for him. Well me and him have became like best friends , i trust everything in him and he asked me out and i said yes and i said we could keep it to ourselves , see if it works out and if it does we can tell her. See this girl and i weren't talking as much anymore. But now one of his friends told my sort of friend and told her. So anyway the girl ( the friend whos ex boyfriend i wanna date) says shes over him , we'd make a great couple , we should date when were on msn. But is joining up with all my old friends to ignore me. So should i end up not going out with a guy who i really like and trust or make up with the friends ( who never invite me anywhere and treat me like ****) but if i dont make up with them i will be alone in school ?

I'm sure the story is way too long and doesnt make sense but what it comes down to. Is should date my friends ex boyfriend ? is it ever acceptable ?


Extra info :

He's 19 i'm 15

We dont goto the same school

He dumped her because she was immature

I never got a chance to tell my friend because someone done it for me , before i got the chance to tell her

I really care for , hes my closest friend

All my friends are now treating me like **** , by telling me on msn that she's fine with it but in real life theyre drawing me daggers and ignoring me and bitching about me

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    It's better to ask that friend of yours if it's ok with her that her ex would be your bf. Just to make things clear so that from the start you would know where you should put your self. With this you won't have guilt feelings or something when you have relationship with her ex. It's better to this from the start of the relationship so that it won't be a burden for both of you and her ex. You don't have to hide most of the times just to keep to it her. Better be honest from the start to have a good start so that all will turn out just fine for all of you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    some people have real big pet peeves about dating a friend's ex, but usually I look at the reason your friend broke up with the guy. because if it is a bad reason, you wouldn't want to date the guy anyway. you said that she was too immature for him, so if you feel that you're mature enough for him, then it should be ok.

    it depends on which you value more: friends or bf

    sounds like your friends don't treat you very well though.. so would they be worth it?

    also, you wouldn't technically be alone, because you'd have your bf (maybe make friends through him?)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I say tell your friend to F*CK OFF. If you really like the guy and he really likes you and respects you, be with him. I met my bf two years ago I was 15 and he was 18. All of my old friends (there were 5 of them) knew him longer and they all had a crush on him but he didnt wanna be with them because they were immature. I was hanging out with my old friends one day and then I met him. He invited us to go fishing and we all went. He was really funny and he talked to me alot. Then a couple weeks later I ran into him at a gas station and we talked again and he asked for my number. I didnt expect him to talk to me but that very night he texted me and we texted non stop every single day and hung out every weekend for an entire month. Then one night he randomly kissed me and then asked me out. My old friends found out we started dating and they ALL were mad at me for being a "boyfriend stealer." And they excluded me on the plans they made and stopped textin me and didnt even bother to leave for lunch with me at school. So f*ck them. It's been two years and I am still with my bf and we are doing wonderful. He even got me a promise ring last year! :] go with the boy if he's gonna treat you better and make you happy. Sorry if this was so long lol

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  • paul v
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    1 decade ago

    you can win a BF but sure you'll lose a friend

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