Hey I just have a couple of spanish questions...please and thank you!!?

First of all, can some one please translate this:

En tu opinión, cuál estudiate conoce bien las reglas de la clase?

I know its something like "In your opinon which student, somethin good the rules of the class?'' Theres only one word i dont know

Second can you tell me which word would fit the best in these sentences? I can congagate them, i'm just not sure which word will fit better.

1) Uds. ____________ en la sala de clases. (querer/almorzar)

2) Maria______________ llegar tarde hoy. ((preferir/servir)

3) Yo________el informe. (empezar/almorzar)

4) Tú __________ entregar la tarea mañana. (pensar/entender)

Thanks thanks thanks so much in advance!!!!


Thanks u...and hey i said i'll congagate them myself... sorry

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In your opinion which student knows the class room rules well ?

    1) almuerzan

    2) prefiere

    3) empiezo

    4) piensas

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In your opinion which student knows the class room rules well ?





    this is so easy,do your own work from now on !

    Source(s): i speak English and Spanish fluently,and i am taking French.
  • Profuy
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    1 decade ago

    1- In your opinion, which student knows the classroom rules well?


    1) no almuerzan

    2) prefiere no

    3) empiezo (present)

    empece' (past)

    $) piensas

  • ordaz
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    3 years ago

    a million.) What are your interests "¿Cuáles son tus interests/ aficiones?" interests is an regular be conscious in Spanish, yet aficiones is the translation. 2.) i do no longer know "No lo sé". In Spanish you do no longer would desire to apply the pronouns, yet a literal translation could be "Yo no lo sé".

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