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Why hasn't our President announced whether or not to lower the flag to half mast?

The Capital has lowered their flags but the Washington monument has not lowered theirs, I lowered mine because I don't know and rather err on the side of caution but does our President know how important this is, is this official or not are we a country in mourning or not, are we united or not, divided we fall!!

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    because he doesn't care about tradition, just 'change,' and is incapable of leading a country.

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    i think of because of the fact some human beings (inclusive of me) might see it as a partisan gesture. Many Senators die and the flag isn't diminished to 0.5 mast. Why this one? If I have been in a position to i might by no potential vote for him! additionally this actual Senator is to blame for the homicide of a youthful female he became out with. on the time he became married to a diverse female. is they variety of person that the Obama administration might droop to honor?

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