Our GDA for fat is 70g, does that mean we can eat any food as long as we dont go over 70g?

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for example if i had 2 donuts equalling 40g of fat, and a pizza with 30g of fat would that be ok because im not going over the 70g
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You have to balance out 70g with all the catergorys

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  • i rock out 2 his heart beat answered 5 years ago
    no there are different kinds of fats some you need others are bad for you like donuts are probably loaded with saturated fat, and you know the saying it'll go strait to my thighs,well that's what saturated fat is. its the bad kind of fat that will make you gain weight,you need to balance your diet out too, because fat is in almost everything we eat and you need proper nutrition. look nutrition facts and see how much saturated fat there is in the things you eat.
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  • Simon answered 5 years ago
    You can go over 70g, but according to GDA it's not "healthy". It's only a guideline and it differs for people. You do not have to take these things too seriously but to answer your question.
    You can't go over 70g.
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