Best eyeliner i can buy from boots?

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I don't have a budget, but im not paying tons of money, and i can only go to boots as heading into the local town, i don't have time for tomorrow, so whats the best one if more
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prestidge waterproof eyeliner. i love it, & it seriously is the best. heres a few points about it:

1. it lasts the whole day without smudging,even on the water seriously!!!
2. its not like 1 of those eyeliners that say there waterproof when its not, i wear this to the beach all the time. its great stuff!
3. not expensive at i think its like £4.75.
4. the only thing i dont like about it is how you have to twist it up because its a little un hygenic but i dont mind that because of how great this eyeliner is.
5. the other thing i dont like is its not as pigmented as i'd like it to be so when i apply it i have to go over it to get more color.

but this seriously is my fave eyeliner, if your looking for a long-lasting waterproof eyeliner this seriously is 1!!!


eyes, brain & boots!
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  • jade answered 5 years ago
    urban decay 24/7 eyeliners! they're available in the bigger boots, cost about 9quid each. the staying power is good, and if you want to smudge it you'll have to do it once you put in on, then it'll stay on the whole day :)
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  • Gabrielle90210 answered 5 years ago
    lancome eye pencil is the best in my opinion it retails at £14.50 in boots but if you are looking for something a little cheaper then loreal waterproof eyeliner is pretty good
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  • PaperClip:) answered 5 years ago
    Collection 2000 I Dont Know What Its Called Its Around £1.90
    And There Are Loads Of Colours To Chose From
    Help It Staying On
    When You Have Put It On Your Waterline Put A Little Bit Of Eyeshadow Underneath Your Waterline In The Colour Eyeliner
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  • rachel answered 5 years ago
    i like bourjois contour eyeliner. it goes on nice and thick and smudges easily
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  • Juicy C answered 5 years ago
    MAC omg best eyeliner ever!! It stays on soo long

    Okay this is a makeup tip from demi lovado

    -You put cover up under your eye and it makes the eye liner stay on and look more to prefection!

    Hope it Helped=]
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  • Ants answered 5 years ago
    rimmel london, mayballine and avon I like.
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  • Chimera answered 5 years ago
    I don't recall the exact brands available at Boots, since last time I have been to the UK was about 3 years ago. BUT. I'll reply based on what's available in other european drugstores.

    L'Oreal HIP Eye Liner Pencil in Black.

    Any quality eye pencil, this one topping my personal list, has a somewhat creamy consistency that glides easily and smoothly over your skin, is good for your waterline and can easily be smudged with a smudge or a Q-tip.

    I have only one tip, however, to make any eye-make up last except for mascara-- prime your eyes. Since you're going to a drugstore, the one good drugstore brand primer is L'Oreal De-Crease. What it does is create a base for any make up to stick to and maintains the color while decreasing any unwanted smudging.
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  • BlueApple answered 5 years ago
    They're all rubbish.
    Just get a really good mascara and smudge a bit of dark eyeshadow close to your upper lashes.
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