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Is my boyfriends friend flirting with me?

my boyfriends friends texts me quite a bit considering we've only been out in a group of people once or twice (i mean like he'll text me at least once every couple of days, sometimes more), and is always sending ';)' faces and stuff on IM. also whenever I'm online he messages me as soon as i get online and just overall he seems to be being more friendly than is normal- he's asked me to come out with just him a couple of times (i made excuses not to go both times cause i knew my boyfriend would feel weird about it) but it's making me wonder about whether he's flirting with me or just being friendly? I don't want to make a big deal out of it if he's not but if he is flirting i want to straighten it out because i really do not like him in that way.

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    Well it sounds unusual but might not be. I would bring it up to your boyfriend casualy like:

    Boyfriend-Hey hows it going?


    Boyfriend so whatcha been doin?

    You- not much really oh so and so called/text today

    Boyfriend-oh yeah what did he want?

    You- oh he wanted for us to just go hang out or something.

    Ok and from there see how your boyfriend reacts and that should give you a better idea IMO.

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    Yes he is and don't put yourself in an awkward position by being alone with him. Your right to make excuses, he is trying his luck to see how far he can go. He's not behaving like much of a friend to be flirting with his friends girlfriend.

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    When I first started reading it I thought that he was just being friendly, but if he IM's you when you just get on that means he was waiting for you to get on. I mean the part about asking you to hang out with him might just be him being friendly, but if he normally wouldn't act that way he may like you. I think that maybe you should just ask him straight out if he likes you. Then wait for his answer if he says Yes you should explain to him that you don't like him that way and hope he understands...If his answer is no just let it go, but if it starts to freak you out you might want to tell him that it is bothering you.

  • What type of things is he saying to you. Are him and your boyfriend really close? He may be flirting but also he may be just trying to get to know you because you are with his friend. I personally would feel really weird if my boyfriend friend that I didn't know previously texted me a lot but that's just me.

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    Then do just that, don't make a big deal and don't feed into it. Be nice, but not flirty back. If he starts going there, change the subject. You are already doing the right thing...just keep doing it. If one of the text or messages gets uber flirty then maybe show your dude.

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    Your playing with fire here and you know it so stop playing the innocent, what do you expect us to say?

    You have a boyfriend and if you cared anything about him you would put a stop to this now.

    You tell this guy not to contact you period, and if he ever does you will immediately tell your boyfriend about everything he's been doing.

    Then you delete him from your phone and change your number, you delete and block him on your IM and you never spend one second with this guy alone, not at a party, not at a pub and not ever in a club.

    Do this and prove to us and yourself your a genuine, decent loving person who would never consider doing anything behind her boyfriends back, anything less makes you lying cheating scum!

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    talk to your boyfriend. : ) it seems like that's the only way right now. i mean i can't tell if he just wants to be your friend because your his friend's gf, or if he's flirting. and if he is, then ya got a problem girl.

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    If you interpret it as him just being a friend, then you aren't doing anything wrong. If your boyfriend feels weird about it, though, then I'd steer clear.

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    He fancies you, clearly. Just make it clear you're not interested and don't flirt back, just be dead pan. hopefully he'll give up, if not then tell your boyfriend your concerns and let him deal with it.

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    Being a guy and knowing the way we guys sometimes behave...yes, I think he is trying to flirt with you.

    For some reason he thinks he is in with a chance.

    If he isn`t, then he must be a very lonely guy - `jumping` on you IMing like that, and persisting.

    So watch this one. Put him off if you think he is trying to unduly impress you.

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