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How much will this wedding cost?

Me and my finance are planning on getting married in a few years, we both have money but not much so we are going to have to get extra jobs and save as much as we possible can :)

i want a really flashy dress

a wedding somewhere really nice (not in a church because my finance hasn't been christened)

an after party where about 200 - 300 people are invited to for a 2 course meal

and obviously his suit which im not sure how much that would cost, can you tell me on average

a honeymoon in the Caribbean for 2 weeks

a professional make up artist and hair dresser for before the wedding..

can u make a guess on how much this would cost? thank you so so so much, this is what we have always dreamed of. x

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    Honestly? This could easily be $100,000.

    You could easily spend $10,000 on a "flashy" wedding dress.

    You could easily spend $300 a person on a really nice reception.

    You could easily spend $20,000 renting a "really nice" place

    You could easily spend $10,000 on a Caribbean Honeymoon, for a mid-level room

    You could easily spend $2000 on hair & makeup

    A nice entry model suit by a fine brand like Zegna could be $1000.

    Realistically, very nice wedding dresses tend to start at around $1500 and go up from there. I know a girl, who has no money, who spent $5000 on hers.

    My location was $4000 for the wedding and $5000 for the room rental for the reception. These costs included chairs, altar, gazebo, carpets, refreshements, the entire dining room setup with fine china, tablecloths, silver, candleabras, etc.

    My food was like $100 per person for 4 courses, appetizers, the cake, and wine. The bar was another per person charge.

    For a Caribbean hotel, I'd plan on $400-$500 a night for a balcony room with an ocean view in a nice hotel.

    Professional m/u artists will often charge $250+ for a wedding. Hair may run about the same, especially if you have them come to the location.

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    You can easily spend between $50,000 - $100,000 or more. Especially if you want everything flashy and don't do any thing your self.

    Wedding Venue for 5 hours (200-300ppl) --- $3000 - $11,000

    Food--- $50 - $1500 pp

    Alcohol-- $600 - $2000

    Wedding Dress--$500 - $7000

    Hair & Make-up & other pre-wedding pampering---$250 - $500

    Invitations---$500 - $3000

    Flowers---$1000 - $5000

    Rentals--- $1000 - $5000

    Cake---$700 - $1500

    The list goes on. It's all about setting a budget and not going into debt.

    All prices depend on location, time of wedding, number of guest, ect.

    You can cut cost's by doing lots of things your self. Shop around and look for the best deals. Compare everything.

    Best of luck and Congrats!

    Source(s): b2b 2010
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    I really can't guess because I don't know where you live. Where you live sets the going rates for things, and food/reception is going to be your biggest cost.

    Some people on here in YA are in areas where you can feed guests for $15 per person - - x 300 guests = $4,500

    I live in an area where the prices start at about $40 per person -- x 300 guests = $13,500

    Where I am from in Northern NJ, prices start closer to $75 per person - - x300 guests = $22,500

    See why its so hard to give you any sort of guestimate???? The above numbers ARE realistic for those areas and this is just to feed your guests!

    If you live in Central PA like I do - - if you REALLY shop around and od alot of DIY, you are probably looking at $25k minimum.

    I am having a church wedding on a Saturday with a pretty typical dinner reception (including cocktail hour), we are presently at about 150 guests and our budget is $20k but we are tracking closer to $17k right now. This does not include the honeymoon!

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    Flashy Dress--$5,000

    Ceremony Costs $3,000

    Large Reception with 300 Guests and Two Courses- about $25,000 (based on $80 a plate x 300 guests)

    Two week long honeymoon-$7,000-$10,000

    Professional Hair and Makeup-$300-$500

    This alone is $43,500, plus don't forget everything else, like stationary, flowers, favors, gifts for the wedding party, groom's tux and rings.

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    This is all of the top of my head so is not to the £ or p





    One thousand +for a dress

    For a venue - £500 +

    Registrar £200 plus normal registration expenses


    Humanist £250 plus registrar marriage fees

    Basic menu per person £20.00 + 200 or 300

    Drinks menu - £150 basic

    Holiday Caribbean + 2 grand

    Hair -trial day = £65 per person

    Wedding Day = £65 Basic

    Make-up Trial day £250 per person

    Wedding Day =£250 Basic

    Cars £200 plus = Basic

    Plus travelling expenses for them to come to the house or venue

    Plus extra if you want anything in your hair

    plus travelling expenses

    Source(s): Go for simple with style WeddingsByVivienne -Wedding Planner uk
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    I just got married 6 months ago, abroad in Cyprus. I had 25 guests, and by paying for their accommodation and the wedding reception, it cost me £6000 - which included the Wedding organiser fee, photographer, flowers, limousine). My dress was fantastic, and cost me £150 (from M S) and the wedding was perfect. To demonstrate to you that we were not stingy, my engagement ring cost almost that!

    It’s just that we did not want to make too much fuss. It was the best day of my life and every one enjoyed it! Our Honeymoon is in New Zealand in Jan 2010 and we have a budget of £ 5000 for that (1 month).

    The wedding is about you - and you can make it what you want. Its not necessary to spend 25-50.000 for the perfect day! 10.000 ( incl. honeymoon) is enough! But you need to multiply that by 4 if you want that many guests. Good luck!

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    I hate to say it, but on the how much will it cost front - far too much.

    My suggestion is to either set a budget & then fit things to that, delay the date of the wedding by a decade or two, or beg & borrow favours from friends, find a dress you like & get someone to make a nearly the same copy etc etc.

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    a better idea would be to start with your budget and go from there. A wedding like this could cost you $20k it could cost $50k depending on where you go, what you serve, etc. Also depending on where you live as the some states are more than others (MA, NY, CA for example). What you have stated is an easy $30,000+.

    Source(s): and it is fiancee not finance
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    I would say.... $50,000 EASY.... this dream would be a lot more attainable if you lowered the guest list and tried to cut corners as much as you could. MEANING.... get a big beautiful flashy dress... but not by a name brand designer that will charge you more for their NAME then the dress its self. Buy a book from borders on budgeting... that way you will get the most bang for you buck.

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    We were in the same boat, we're getting married next month, let me show you how we did, so you can compare:

    My tux rental: 140.00 (nice one that I specifically wnated)

    Her dress (bought): 300.00

    Reception hall 80-100ppl two-courses - 1600.00

    Honeymoon to mexico, all inclusive resort - 1500.00

    Wedding location, very old church turned event hall - 150.00 (half day)

    Hope this gives you an idea :)

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