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Who would you pick first round if your options were Drew Brees, Jones-Drew or Matt Forte?

And if you picked Jones-Drew or Forte over Brees...why? I wouldn't usually pick a QB first round but the guy who had Brees last year blew everyone else away in both the league's I was in.


So will Brees and Forte... I'm just concerned that whoever gets Brees will totally dominate the league again this year regardless of who the rest of your starters are.

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    MJD, without question. All these people who insist that Brees is the way to go are flat out wrong. You need two RBs on your team and only one QB. The drop off in value is much more rapid for RBs than for QBs regarding fantasy points. That is, the 12th ranked QB averages only 5-6 points less than Brees whereas the 24th ranked RB averages 9 or so less. And remember that RBs are the heart of a good fantasy team. Last year I had AP and Turner as my RBs, with Slaton on the bench, and picked Kurt Warner off the wire and won my league. My strategy is always to pick RB, RB, QB and it works. Picking a QB first means sacrificing the quality of your RBs and is NOT a good strategy at all. And props to "tbombs" as he speaks the truth!

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    MJD all day! Forte is the next best option out of those 3, but Jones Drew is up for a monster year....especially w/no Fraud Taylor to steal carries.

    The guys not just a running back, he's a receiver too

    That guy Hook has no idea what he's talking about and probably comes in last place in fantasy every year. He's wearing a jersey in his pic for $#%'s sake....LOL

    Brees is the best qb but only fools would take a QB over a RB w/their first pick!

  • Anonymous
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    With tremendous respect for Mr. Witten, and those answerers who like him, TEs are seriously a dime a dozen. You never take one that high. Good grief, that shoots your team in the head. I'm a big advocate of having a top QB. Drew Brees, despite his slow start last season is a prolific passer. Likewise, Carson Palmer and Big Ben each should deliver at least 25 TDs and 3500 yards. Having a guy get 2-3 TDs a week is gravy. The dropoff in talent at QB gets much steeper after that tier is exhausted. Quality WRs, TEs, and depth at RB can be found in rounds 4-8. Of the three I would narrowly take Brees over Palmer. The Saints schedule favors Brees. I love Big Ben, but Pittsburgh has a really tough schedule. You take a QB here, no question. My friend, you must become one with the 'way of the samurai' known as Value Based Drafting. It's not always who you take, but WHEN.

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    drew is a better pick then jones/forte... those rb's will get u 8-10pts a game cosistent but brees will easily get 10pts a week, not including his big weeks of 25-35pt games, plus you can pick up lower name rb might get you just as much or more if u can find a steal. my opinion this years steal derrick ward for the bucs, he will get the ball most of time since cadillac is always hurt and ernest grahm is not the ideal feature back. ward did very well last 2 years in NY and that was at times the number 3 back!

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    if you look at the PPG Brees produced and the PPG a Midlevel QB produced in standard scoring, it is less of a gap that the Top RB produced, compared to a midlevel RB. Meaning, that by not drafting brees in the first round and drafting a 5th round qb, you might only be giving up 2ppg.... but if you give up a elite RB for a mid level you could be giving up as much as 4 ppg...

    Its not a question of who is better or who will score more points, it is a question of who else can you have and at what cost to replace the person.

    but of course this logic only works on normal scoring leagues... if brees dominated your league last year than you are probably realllllly heavily weighted in QB points... so check that out and then decide.

  • Anonymous
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    I would pick MJD because one, the Bears have Jay Cutler as their QB and he is more of a throwing QB than a guy to go to the backfield alot. Second, I dont pick QB's in the first round.

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    MJD...He will put up the numbers Turner did last year.

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