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Ramadan is in a few days and i cant go gym for a month what can i eat to lose weight?

I cant go gym for a month cause of ramadan and im worried if my hard work will go away and i was just wondering what type of food can i eat in ramadan so i can lose weight instead of gaining weight.

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    I was sitting here thinking that gym is what I will miss most! I am an avid gymmer and go every day...some of the answers you are getting... no proscription against gym - I'm guessing the folks that say 'you are allowed to go to the gym' dont really gym, or dont work out too hard - stroll on the treadmill types...

    your body has no food so no immediate energy source to burn and more importantly u cant drink water while u are exercising - thats why no gym!!

    I am planning on drinking a protein shake (vile taste, I know) at sehri and iftar, stay away from nasty fried foods - which is reeeeaaally hard in ramadan..a couple of dates and nuts - esp almonds. any food eat in really small quantities. dont just have a massive your food intake.

    I find that even tho I think i will try and do some light exercise just before iftar i'm just too tired or busy etc. try and fit something in tho' I guess - sit ups - dunno if u do yoga - gentle stuff.

    do u have sky? they have a few good fitness channels - have decided i will try and follow some of those programmes - more for the motivation than anything else.

    but dont worry too much about it. if u work out anyway, your muscle memory will soon be back to normal. just avoid eating junk! most pple put on weight during ramadan bcos of reasons pple have already said, so just try and avoid doing that - dont worry about losing any, its gonna be tough to do that with the demands on your body's resources, focus instead on not putting any on.

    good luck..and hope u get to the gym tonight for a final session!!


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    As salaamu 'alaikym warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

    Why, might this one ask, can't you go to the gym during Ramadan?

    Insha'Allah, one does not just sit at home and fast during the holy month. One continues with his or her normal activities each day while keeping the fast. One still goes to work or to school, etc.

    Insha'Allah, use this holy month by going to the gym and using slightly lighter weights with higher reps, using a little less resistance on the various cardio machines, etc. but don't stop going!

    Insha'Allah, as part of this one's upcoming physical therapy which will follow two surgeries on this one's left knee, he will be in the gym daily as well as walking as much as possible while maintaining the fast.

    Insha'Allah, let you exercise be a prayer to Allah, Subhanna wa Ta'ala, thanking Him for the ability to exercise in safety and in a healthy manner and asking His blessing on those throughout the world who, for whatever reason, do not have the opportunity nor the ability to do so.

    ma'a salaam


    Third Space, this one is former nationally ranked body builder and power lifter.

    If you have ever competed in body building you would know that the last 12 to 16 weeks before a contest you consume around 1200 calories per day of mostly protien and work out twice a day, doing extra cardio and still maintaining your work schedule.

    The thrity days of Ramadan should be a piece of cake...

    ma'a salaam

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    lol well i was going to think of a good answer to help you but seems like the answerer with the nutritionist has already done that. Its not that easy im assuming to loose weight during the fasting days since while you are fasting your metabolism slows down after a few hours of feeling hungry thinking its gone into starvation mode so it will decrease the rate at which your calories burn, to save energy for later, and store up fat.

    And when you do eat at iftaar your metabolism suddenly gets an overload of calories and takes it all in along with the fat that it has stored during the day so its quite tricky unless you actually see a nutritionist who can advice you on exactly what you should do.

    But even so the reward of fasting is SO MUCH more worthy and rewarding and better than loosing a few kilos....

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    I've tried many diets and couldn't make anything work. Since having my first child, I've been carrying around an extra 30 pounds. This diet just made sense and showed me that everything I was doing before was wrong and a waste of my time.

    The plan was so refreshing and so simple to follow. I did everything plan said and lost 23 pounds in the first three weeks. I'm now starting the diet again to lose 7 more pounds. This plan has changed my life.

    Get started today!

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    I suggest you ask a nutritionist or look up high energy yet low-calorie foods on google.

    You can still continue to exercise? At home, early in the mornings or late at night, asfter you have eaten.However, if you do, then keep it at a minimum and don't put too much strain on yourself. I dont suggest you exercise during fasting hours and you should focus more on drawing closer to Allah(swt), increasing acts of good deeds and THEN a little bit of exercise.

    Do really small things. Like you know those heavy thingies you put around your legs. Dont know what they are called but you canw ear them through out the day and you will be exercising without having to waste valuable time!

    For the nutrition stuff, ask a doctor or look it up. Sorry, dunno what else to say.

    Source(s): My exercise crazed bro
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    Well lots of people think that in ramadan since you cant eat you will lose alot of weight but truthfully you will eat more! I start breaking fast by a bowl of noodle soup, salad, and a few selections of the main course, and early in the morning I do sahoor.

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    you can eat these foods:

    All whole grain or unprocessed foods,

    Any fruits or vegetables


    Plain popcorn,

    Brown rice,

    Any lean cuts of meats

    White meat or Poultry

    Protein Shakes

    Any Raw Nuts, Peas, Beans (not re fried), Lentils or Legumes high protein foods for vegetarians

    Most fish

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    4 years ago

    Create a tip from the yoga masters and breathe... more oxygen as part of your cells means more fat is actually burned away. Breathing exercises such as those practiced in yoga are an easy addition to your daily weight-loss regime.

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    Eat fruits and salad, plus when you break you fast eat a date, drink something, (dont eat full meal before you drink)!!! do your salat, then have dinner, incha'allah this will help you..Ameen

    Peace to All

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    Walk into a co-worker's desk to chat instead of instant messaging.

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