recently the americas gone to hell with the new health care proposal and this talk of death panels

some of this stuff is proabally spelled wrong sorry no spell check

why do people beilive in these death panels this was something made up by sarah palin in her speech. and in that speech she ironically said

"how about in honor of the troops we stop making stuff up" the supposed death panels she was talking about was just the doctors being paid for end of live counsile which they already do but dont get paid for

and whats all this fear of socilization and how its so bad . when we went to Iraq and asked England for help "who have socialized healthcare" and said it was in the name of freedom and democracy. we didnt complain then when the terrible socialized country helped us out then.

And finaly why dont people that we have already socialized so much already like the police fireman federal agencies (and theirs alot of those) puclic transpertation like buses and subways or even highways or interstates and even public schools are socialized and dont forget the food and drug administration. who inspect every pill before you use it and set regulations for the food you buy and even how you cook youre turkey for thanksgivings

and what about the people who have insurance but it wont cover the pills they have to take because they cost to much and cant upgrade their insurance so they cover it because its a pre-existing conditions

they could use goverment help

and finally why not have free universal health care like in england where it is a hybrid of canadas system where you get free check ups sygeries or anything like that and if you need medications you pay about 7pounds for youre pills no matter if you need 1 kind of pill or 20 different pills

and finally on the movie "Sicko" i learned about a 9/11 site worker who damaged her lungs due to the air on ground zero her inhaler for each refill cost 120 $ but when she went to Cuba it cost her 5 cents and this was the exact same medication to

but anyways if you read this far thanks if you did and youre still against this please counter my argument if i am wrong i want to know and dont give me some religious BS because this has nothing to do with any religions or God himself this is about how are goverment has so far ignored the people who need help and cant get it because

and please quote me from above when disagring so that i know you really read this because i know its alot of SH*T that any american adult or teenager should know as an american citizen

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    The real question is: The Constitution outlines the explicit duties of the Federal Government, and all other rights are reserved to the People and the States, by the Tenth Amendment.

    Can you tell me where the Constitution says the job of the Federal Government is to "help America"?

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    If by helping America is to run the debt over 1.7t in just 6 months is doing his job or saying that everyone whether they are citizens of this country or not are in titled to health care at the riches expense then no he is not doing his job but is a Socialist.

    If by saying that if you do not agree with him then his hench men and women call you nazis, terrorist, or un patriot then no again he is not doing a good job for this country.

    If by having this country now own over half of the car companies and firing the president of the company or doing the same to others again no he is not doing his job. Nor is he following the U.S. Constitution of this country.

    As to this fake documentary called Sicko by Micheal Moore it has been shown by many that it is false. CNN for one did a good piece on this and so did a few others. Cuba's health care where this was taken was shown to be a run down hospital that could not do much of anything.

    This was shown by the ABC crew about 6 months after it was shown.

    Many store that have a drug store in them will give you the generic name of the drug and you can get it for 4 to 7 dollars.

    Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, and many others do this in the Western States of the U.S.

    Most people I know can afford this much for their medicines.

    Having lived in England for almost three years thanks but no thanks to this system where if some one has breast cancer they do not get the help that they need or the treatment.

    Also been to Russia, Canada, and Mexico and the same goes for those countries health care.

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    Nowhere in the rule book does it say that the job of the president is to destroy the country. Maybe he was running for a dictatorship in Kenya and landed here by mistake. Probably just one big misunderstanding.

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    1 decade ago

    They have a form of socialism in the USA. Examples of it is: Welfare cheques, disability allowance, medicare. Other examples is you pay for the public school system,

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    FASCISM/SOCIALST COMPLETELY. Dued, they are making bill to move 400,000 regular army troops into the streets of the u.s. for "riot" control. There IS no more tresury, its been private for years and years and finally the new world order saw opportunity and seized our once proud country! sadististic billionairs may put us into martial law and put you to death , you know, like in nazi camps, but fema centers instead?The flu vacinns are deadly, a way to start the riots when people start falling dead? any doubts, RESEARCH!! SOURCES....

    Source(s): Endgame.com/loosechange911/the obama deception.com/alex jones radio talk show/ this will probley be sensored too/ good luck The mOuSe saRcHiVeS
  • 1 decade ago

    Obama is doing his job but some people don't want the gov't controlling too much in their lives.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I actually think Obama might be more of a communist. I think he would like to have the government own all of our industry and have all of the people working for the government.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Republicans are pro communism

    not socialism

    Republicans are anti-american, liberals pro feminists and pro zionists

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    1 decade ago

    Saying he is socialist implies that he is not a capitalist but in reality he is both

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