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Why are Eastern European so racists!!?

Why are so many of the blue eyed and seemingly very fair haired Slavic's heading Westwards since their accession to the EU are so so racist against Black and Asian people?

I know personally at 2 least two Poles and a Slovakian. They are always always saying "monkey" and calling so racists words against Muslim and other colored people that its absolutely sickening to learn what kind of upbringing some of these people have had?

I mean once in a pub one Pole asked me why dont you do the same to these Muslims as they did in Serbia? and even when i thought Anti Semetism was dead, well guess what it seems its very alive and well again in them cold Easterly countries.

I mean i often have to tell them to "shush" or that they'll have their teeth knocked out by a lynch mob if a black or Asian guy overheard them out aloud.

I mean why is that? Is that what they teach kids in schools and homes in that part of the world which itself suffered the worst racism of the 20th century under the Nazis?

I often tell them that Britain is a multicultured society and that they must try and get along with everyone etc.., but they say dont you care about your women being ......oh i cant go on its just so crude.

So why is that? I mean with me they act like im their long lost cousin, but what would you do if this happened to you?

Many thanks and i hope their are decent Eastern Europeans that i havent met and I apologise if i offended anyone with this text.

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    lack of education and worldly experience and a product of historical contingency. we are all products of out environment. we shouldn't over-generalize, but I spent lots of time in Eastern Europe and feel similar as you. Yes, racism exists everywhere amongst a certain crowd, but, in general, I felt more racial tension in EE than elsewhere.

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    If you are meeting with people in bars, you aren't exactly meeting with "high end" sorts.

    My husband was raised in eastern Europe and they have a long history in his country (Hungary) of welcoming people from all over the world.

    Under the communists there were university students from many different countries and backgrounds studying and the locals knew they were students or businessmen and left them alone.

    Most of my Hungarian friends have married Asian women from Japan, Hawaii and China and they and their children never have any problems when visiting in Hungary.

    There are also many people lving now in Hungary from Africa and they have opened up small shops in the cities and nobody seems to mind them.My husband often stops in a small electronic store in Budapest where the owner is from Africa and they enjoy speaking to each other in English since the shopkeepers Hungarian in poor.

    There are also many people living in Hungary from Muslim countries,they have Gyro shops everywhere and everyone goes in their shops to eat since the food is good and not too expensive.

    I am sorry to say that maybe you need to hang out with some other guys that aren't so messed up.Not all eastern Euopeans are insensitive.

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    Now with Trump, I realized I know more racist Western-Europeans and Americans than non-racists, they just closet racists, never out in the open. Just like you called all Eastern-European racist based on "meeting three in a bar".

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    Do not generalize. They are many people in Easter Europe that are not racist at all. I live in Easter Europe and most of the people I know are not racist at all. Of course there are some racists here, as there are in all other places. But you can't base an opinion from just few people.

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    You haven't offended anybody except yourself and your own background, because your question and the rant following it are screaming prejudice&stereotyping.

    Don't be jealous of the "the blue eyed and seemingly very fair haired Slavic's" - not everyone can have these features and someone has to be dark skinned and dark haired. It's a fact of life. Get over it. And calm down, you seem unnecessarily agitated over something that's not even true. Grow up and try to learn that generalizations and stereotypes are wrong.

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    From experience, I can tell you Asian and Black people are every bit as racist as Europeans.

    As a student, I was attacked twice by Asian youths for walking through, what they described as their area. I once dated a Chinese girl for six months and the levels of hostility that I received from her community was staggering.

    Source(s): English and have lived in Africa and Eastern Europe.
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    East Europeans I hate these racist *****

    Am going to stab the next one that spits

    On the floor at me.

    I ******* hate these rasist motherfuckers

    Who the hell do they think they are.

    Death to all those rasist *****

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    God!!! That is really horrible thing to say about people of other race.

    You have to understand that Poland is not a multicultured society so they are not used to black or asian people.l know for sure lots of Polish are racists as l worked with them.You should asked them to go back to their country and dont even bother to come back!

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    racism is a function of education because it is rooted in our fears of the unknown, our fear of the other, our fear of what is different from us.

    I am an eastern European, but life gave me the opportunity to grow , get an education and travel. I grew up in Africa. I deplore the fact that lots of eastern european are not as educated as they should be but I think we are getting there. Dont' forget that this part of the world had to put up with communism and its doctrines for 75 years or so.

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