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Why are Eastern European so racists!!?

Why are so many of the blue eyed and seemingly very fair haired Slavic's heading Westwards since their accession to the EU are so so racist against Black and Asian people?

I know personally at 2 least two Poles and a Slovakian. They are always always saying "monkey" and calling so racists words against Muslim and other colored people that its absolutely sickening to learn what kind of upbringing some of these people have had?

I mean once in a pub one Pole asked me why dont you do the same to these Muslims as they did in Serbia? and even when i thought Anti Semetism was dead, well guess what it seems its very alive and well again in them cold Easterly countries.

I mean i often have to tell them to "shush" or that they'll have their teeth knocked out by a lynch mob if a black or Asian guy overheard them out aloud.

I mean why is that? Is that what they teach kids in schools and homes in that part of the world which itself suffered the worst racism of the 20th century under the Nazis?

I often tell them that Britain is a multicultured society and that they must try and get along with everyone etc.., but they say dont you care about your women being ......oh i cant go on its just so crude.

So why is that? I mean with me they act like im their long lost cousin, but what would you do if this happened to you?

Many thanks and i hope their are decent Eastern Europeans that i havent met and I apologise if i offended anyone with this text.

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    because each person from whatever easter country they're from have a reason for whatever they're calling whoever. for ex. we serbs would like to spit in the face of every muslim son of a bitc* on this planet thanks to the bosnian war a.k.a the bloodiest war since ww1

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    They were busy learning about Marx and Stalin when we were all being taught how to be politically correct.

    You have to remember that the anti-racism thing didn't seriously get going in Britain until the 60s, and even in the 80s most people were still quite racist. So I wouldn't be so quick to criticise Polish, etc. people for not being quite up to speed on it.

    Also, you shouldn't bang on about a "multicultural society" when even Trevor Phillips now thinks this was a bad idea. We certainly live in a society with different races of people, but we should all support BRITISH culture no matter what our racial origin is. Maybe then we won't get British born Asian lads trying to join the Taliban or blow up British buses and trains.

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    Of course there are decent Poles/Slovakians/etc. Racism is blind to nationality, and hate can be found all over the world in different shapes and forms.

    They ones you met were probably saying such things because they don't come from a part of the world with mass immigration from countries with cultures entirely different from their own. They only times they've been exposed to one was when they hear something negative concerning a minority group over television (such as the situation in Serbia).

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    Are they racist or do they speak from experience. Muslims have caused trouble in Serbia, so it was dealt with.

    They probably look around at this country and think what the hell?

    Not all countries are brainwashed, PC controlled and have the RRB to answer to everytime someone says something someone doesn't like.

    The limp wristed liberal left have done this country immeasurable harm that will probably never be undone.

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    Immigration from Asia and Africa on a mass scale is the biggest mistake in the entire history of western civilisation, your unfortunate experience is only a tiny part of this mistake

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    Maybe because they feel they are more superior than black or Asian people, and also that kind of thinking originated from their ancestor. The color of one's skin doesnt mean that the guy is of weaker species.

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    Because they love their heritage, their children...and mainly....because they are POLITICALLY INCORRECT (70 years of this crap would be enough for them). How can be posible to hide their pride to be white went there is a BLACK pride, a LATINO pride a MUSLIM pride movements around the globe???.

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    no idea

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    they are intelligent.

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