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Skidoo asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 1 decade ago

How would you deal with an Eastern European (?) immigrant being casually racist?

The woman who waxes my legs was wittering on about how dreadful the Councils are and how stupid they were to house a family of Gypsies in a big house - "because you know what they're like" - I'm not sure where she's from, but doesn't it seem a little off?

Your thoughts?


Lopez - thank you for understanding my predicament - I really don't want to rile a woman holding hot wax over my bikini line!

Update 2:

Thanks for the advice meganjess - unfortunately I'd just paid for treatments in advance to get the discount!

Update 3:

Hatters - what a wonderfully positive spin - are you in government?

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    Don't say anything. This woman uses hot wax on your legs. Or if you're going to something, make sure she never gets near your bikini line again. You never know how deeply engraved her passion for gypsy hating is. Maybe she had a bad personal experience, or maybe it's simply common in her social circle to hate on gypsies. If her gypsy gripe makes you feel uncomfortable, go to somebody else.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I know a woman from Slovakia who is the same, she said Slovakia has the same problem with gypsies that we have with 'Pakistans' and she's often saying that 'Pakistans' mess up displays in the shop she works in, buy too many clothes despite being covered up, then when she was round at the house a video was on TV where a black guy kissed a white woman, and she said 'urrgghhh, I prefer my own colour'. This is despite my wife being of mixed race BTW.

    It's a cultural thing, they just see it as normal. I'm not sure what to do, I just laugh it off.

    Source(s): Eastern Europeans are a laugh. Thanks for posting this question, it's really entertained me in all sorts of ways.
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    You state a fact..."I'm not sure where she's from,".....but in your question you state the fact that she's from one of the Eastern European countries....and yet you have the ? implying you don't know where she is from. How do you know that she's not from Western Europe or South America or Asia or any other part of the world? Why did you make an assumption that she is Eastern European?

    She may be "casually racist"...but you are also "casually racist." Look at your own "casual racism."

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    1 decade ago

    Hahahaaah Gypsies.

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    1 decade ago

    Am forced to agree with her regarding those particular ''gypsies'' (who actually are not but anyway)

    I had a similar experience--Had to interview a Polish man about benefit fraud and he went into this huge rant about all the Romanian gypsies being dirty and taking our jobs,our women (???) and our money.

    I pointed out that by working when he was not supposed to he was doing the same thing.

    It did not end well--the police had to come!!

    My advice---Use a veet epilator.It works out cheaper in the long run !!

    Source(s): Ignore Haz--you get used to your legs screaming in pain as every last hair is ripped out by the root !!!!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    GOOD QUESTION- My sentiments exactly i wanted to know also why all the damn Eastern Europeans that are heading Westwards are so bloody racists.

    I wanted to put the question on Yahoo but feared the PC brigade calling me a racist instead.

    I actually practice with this giant of Russian in Judo, during practice he always mumbles and moans about black people and "smelly Arabs" I just ignore him and get on with it.

    I have told him in this country its illegal to say things like that and it will cause you trouble and instead just keep all those thoughts inside your slavic head.

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    maybe she meant that gypsies aren't noted for actually living in houses than any kind of racism. best forget it especially if you plan to go back for more waxing lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The truth is many of the eastern Europeans who have come over are not used to Afro-Brits and are frankly racist towards them. It's not surprising that they hate gitanos because they treat them badly back where they are from.

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    Well given what she was talking about, I'd tend to agree with her. The topic of conversation sounds like it's along the lines of what I'd think anyway.

  • Haz
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    1 decade ago

    I guess people are always drawn to the idea of having someone beneath them to make themselves feel better.

    It matters not if they themselves have been targets of some other form of abuse/racism or whatever.

    No different from certain anti-BNP posters who then join in a whole load of stereotyping crap however offensive.

    TBH Skidoo I've seen it within my own family also!

    Humans eh?

    EDIT-Ignore MJ Epilators are torture devices from the bowels of hell :-O

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