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HELP baby bearded dragon question-cage size?

Im getting 2 baby bearded dragons and was wondering how long a 30 gallon tank-long would last. also is it to small? and later how long will a 40 gallon breeder tank last. The pet store man told me that i shouldnt get a 55 gallon tank, because it is not wide enough and they dont have enough room to turn around, he said i should get a 40 gallon breeder tank. But he doesnt seem to know that much about them.

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    Yes the first answer is right about needed two of everything, since it's better to keep them apart then together. I have my adult in a 30 gallon tank and it's a little cramped, we are working on moving my monitor into a custom built tank and will be moving the blue tongue from the 40 gallon breeder into the monitor's 75 gallon, and the beardie will be moving into the 40 gallon breeder. The 40 gallon breeder seems to be the universal decision for the smallest tank size for an adult.

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    My daughter and I have a 5 year old bearded dragon in a 55 gallon tank..there isn't much width room, but he turns around with no problem. The thing to remember with beardies is the bigger the better. A 55 gallon is fine..ours loves the room to run and climb. A 30 gallon won't last long with 2. I would start right out with a 40 gallon breeder tank. 2 of them will grow quick and need plenty of room.

    Source(s): My daughter volunteers at a local reptile rescue center and personal experience.
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    babys:4-8 inches need 10 gallons of room per lizard.

    juviles:for 2 id recomend a 25- 30 gal.

    adults:12inches or more id say a 55- 60 gallon u could even use one of those big plastic tubwear bins the ones tht ppl use 4 storage. but in stead of the lid u might wanna buy a screen so ur heat and uv lamps dont burn anything. the bin should be at least 3ft long. but if use dont waana have to worry bout heat lamps/pads burnin and catchin firelol just use a 25 gal for babys and juviniles and a 55 - 70 gallon for the adults. okay hope my herp experience helps.

    oh and one more thing dont get 2 males they will fight till the death but if u do get 2 males ull need 2 of every thing/

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    First off, your going to need two of everything, IE two tanks. Bearded Dragons are not social animals and will fight. Since they are babies I'd just get two rubbermaid tubs [around the size of a 20g - 30g worth] but when they are bigger you will need at least a 40g breeder tank for each of them. Bigger is always better though.

    They will grow fast, really fast so you may have a few months to get the big tanks but I'd get them as soon as possible.

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