I'm 14 and I need six pack abs in 1 month...?

I made a bet with a friend that I could get a six pack over the summer, and so far I could feel the six pack but I still have this layer of fat surrounding it... Any tips on how I can get the six pack abs? I only have 1 month left...


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    You are of course going to be disappointed. If you want to change then this is a lifestyle issue not a quick fix.

    Do you see the box near the top of the page?

    The one labelled 'Search for questions: '?

    Well type in 'lose weight'.

    You will find over 20,000 preexisting questions.

    Try the misspellings 'loose weight' and there are another 5,500.

    In all there are over 60,000 Health section questions requesting solutions to being or thinking you might be overweight.

    On average these each yield 6 answers, that is over 360,000 answers.

    I can usefully summarise these answers in 4 words:

    EAT LESS DO MORE. Are you desperate enough to try this???

    Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember
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    You can't get packs in 2 months. Much more than that and your only 14 a kid

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    time for some SIT UPS!! if you are already doing a lot of sit ups and still don't see the six pack its because underneath the fat the six pack is there but sit ups don't burn fat, they just strengthen the muscles. i would start running a few times a week too or some other cardio exercise.

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    Google "tummywatcher" The website has a calorie calculator tool for various exercises. Also you can find out what your ideal body weight is, based on your height, age, and gender.

    The website also has five foods to fight hunger and other helpful tips as well as ab exercise videos you can follow and other helpful tips to achieve flat stomach.

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    You can buy plastic six packs from novelty stores

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    Cardio is the only way, but you can't do it in a month...sorry

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    you could draw them on with a pen

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    Never show your face again!

  • 1 decade ago

    ha ha yea right buddy boy

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