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"make lunch" or "cook lunch"?

Which sounds more natural?

I'm a Japanese living in Japan.

The question has caused me a lot of trouble for years.

And another question.

You say "make [cook] food"?

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    I think it depends on the food. Usually we "make lunch" (ie. sandwiches and other easy to make things) and "cook dinner/supper" (involves actually cooking)

    My grandfather would say that if you have to cook it, its not lunch, its dinner.

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    What To Cook For Lunch

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    You can say either. However cook is more specific in that you will be heating something up. Therefore if I was just making a sandwich for my lunch, or a salad, I would not use the phrase 'cook'.

    I would say it is more common to hear the phrase 'make lunch'.

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    I usually say make lunch. I don't even think about it, it just comes out of my mouth. I also usually say I make dinner too, and make breakfast... Now that I'm thinking about it, I find it strange._.;

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    it's usually making lunch if there's nothing to heat up, or 'cook'.

    if you're eating.. say.. spagetti, you'd be cooking lunch.

    generally, in my house though, we say 'make lunch', and 'cook dinner'.

    haha, usually in the sentences from my mother 'make your own lunch!' or 'cook your own dinner!'

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    5 years ago

    Everyone cooks better than me SteveC

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    you can say both but i think cook lunch is better!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i say make lunch

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