What race are Lebanese and Palestinian people?

I know ethnically they are arab, but what race are they.


Interstingly enough, back in the day....

Italians, Jews, and Slavs were considered NON-WHITE, just like the arabs are today, in popular political discourse of the late 19th and early 20th century, and this discourse grew very influential in the anti-immigration movement, leading eventually, in the 1920s, to severe restrictions against entry of supposedly "non-white" groups to this country.

Most of these people WERE NOT running around in the 19th and early 20th century PROUDLY announcing that they're Italian Americans or Slavic Americans because at the time, it was often very dangerous and at least a disadvantage to be identified that way.

Arabs probably feel the same way the italians and slav people in United States were feeling back then.

Now it is so different, I guess in 50 years from now there will be another race to pick on again. Its a never ending cycle.


Technically they are white. At least according to the Census Bureau. lol But they are not perceived that way the same way Italians and Slaves were not seens as white either a long time ago.

Update 2:

I have a Lebanese friend that looks German!!!

Update 3:

Some greeks are dark and so are sicilians so don't say dum a__ answers PLEASE.

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    Um...You pretty much answered your own question. They are not perceived as white/caucasion but technically they are.

    I have an arab friend who has RED HAIR and green eyes. hahaha He is lebanese.

    Yes that is true about Italians, I'm part Italian and my grandmother told me stories of all the racism in the United States towards Italians and they were not consdidered white either at one time.

    A lot of Lebanese people can pass for italian too. Isn't SALMA HAYEK half lebanese. She is gorgeous!! I'll claim her as Italian any day. ;)

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    Well first of all I don't think 'white' is a race...it's just a loose colloquial term which is non specific...

    I think what you're looking for is Caucasian

    if that's the case, then yes they are Caucasian ...which include people ranging up to as far as the south Europe, West Asia, Central Asia and South Asia and some parts of Africa.

    However the most common usage for a Caucasian is used interchangeably with the term White.

    The other two main races besides the Caucasians, are the Mongoloids and the Negroids and the Mongoloids.

    from these three main races emerged other so to speak 'sub-races'...which produced more sub sub races...and the chain goes on...

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    They Lebanese are semites, this is based upon their languege and DNA, semite doesn't mean Jew, that was started by a ignorant racist German. Syrians also fit into this group. Palestinians are Arab by languege and belief, I believe that the Palestinians are the people that were known as Samarians, I guess I would call them middle eastern or Afro-Asian, that holds true for all people from this part of the world.

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    Italians and Slavics are Europians and that is

    White, because it's pure blood. Lebonese is the Middle East and it's quite possible for them

    to be bi-racial, and others pure. Looks don't

    always reveal the truth, because of their location

    on the map, many migrant races live in Lebanon

    of different Arab origins, such as Ethiopia and so


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    they speak arabic

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    Well Arab skulls have a Caucasoid shape so white.

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    Good point, but I'm not 100% sure

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    I think they're Caucasians.

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    um... I'm pretty sure they're of the human race, but I could be wrong.

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    1 decade ago

    middle eastern they dont even look white theyre white wannabes

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