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How can I start my own business at age 16?

I really want to start my own small business. I am only 16, although it is my dream to do something that no one else my age even thinks about doing. My #1 priority is my education, this is something I would like to do during my spare time. Two years from now, I will have LOTS more time on my hands thanks to flexible college class timings. I thought my why not start planning now, right? Any suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance to all whom answer, and serious answers only please.

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    Well one of the answers above me says that it's not possible for you; that's wrong, it depends where you are, so his answer is false. I suggest software engineering (that's just me) for your peers. Make fun games people would pay to have (only if you're into coding and stuff). If not, you could try confection selling. You could go out to a store, buy candy for one price, and sell it for higher to your classmates. You could do that with anything, actually, but things people would want (no drugs!). I'm only 14, so I can't give you thorough advice for what you personally want to do, but use your head. If you're looking for something nobody would think of, why are you asking people for advice?


    Hope I helped,

    From Jake

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    You can't. You must be a legal adult in order to sign binding contracts, and even an emancipated minor is not a legal adult. No contracts, no business.

    What you can do is odd jobs, or (preferably) working for someone else in the business you're interested in. There are always a lot of things to learn in any business, and the best way to learn is from someone else who's already in the field. If you're not interested in any business in particular, then you will fail. Owning a business requires a lot of dedication, you must be passionately interested in the field, you must be willing to devote all your spare time to it.

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      well what happen if your parent can help u

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    Just take the small first steps and do it. If you ask questioins, liberals and well-meaning others could discourage you.

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    cant,, arent old enough to sign a contract

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    how about ebay?

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