Why did the German soldiers fight better during WW2?

If we were to put aside their technological advantage.

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    Outside of the technological edge given them by knowing they would be fighting a war soon, and the single minded determination of their leadership to pour billions of marks into developing new and better weapons, there was the fact that the Germans had plenty of time to train up. Again, starting about 1936, the German forces went into high gear in terms of training. Lastly, and perhaps not nearly as important as the other mentioned issues, was the fact that the Germans have a pretty good history of making war and of winning. They had a proud military heritage, and their nation had been humiliated (they felt) and mistreated by the West after WWI, so they were eager to do well. The German Army also had an edge in tactics. Alone at the start of the war, the German high command had fully embraced the possibilities of the weapons which had emerged during World War I. The tactical strike aircraft and the tank, for example, could be wedded together, and the tanks concentrated in large formations as armored spearheads. This was radical thinking. People often forget that the French had more tanks, and technologically superior tanks to the germans at the start of WWII, but had made the mistake of seeing tanks (like the British did, too) as a sort of moving pillbox to support infantry with. As such, their tanks were scattered in "penny packets" throughout their army, rather than concentrated in a few large, powerful armored divisions. It was the genius of Rommel and Guderian to see that concentrating the tanks in large formations, and then supporting them with Stuka dive bombers would allow the tanks to smash through enemy forces faster than they could react.

    However, it's worth noting that it didn't take very long, actually, for the British, and then American forces to catch up, in terms of proficiency. Although the Germans kept a technological edge in some areas throughout the war, once those veterans of the first years were killed off, the skill and fighting capacity of the average German soldier wasn't really any better than that of the average American, British or Soviet soldier. The British, Soviet and American forces caught on quickly, and all three soon developed similar tactics, with similar successful results. In fact, the Americans and British improved on the Blitzkrieg tactics, in fact, by motorizing infantry and artillery and linking them to the tank / tactical aircraft team, so that the entire combined arms weight could be brought to bear. Even late in the war, German infantry mostly moved on foot, and German artillery was still mostly horse drawn.

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    Fight better compared to who? The German Army in WWI? The Allies? Their Axis allies? The fact is that the German Army was a very well trained machine with even better tactics. However, once the allies learned to counter these tactics effectively, the German war machine came to stand still. The Allies bled the German army dry of all their well trained troops by waging a two front war.

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    They had great Generals, they also used Blitzkrieg, basically, there strategies were great. Until Hitler screwed them over as he became increasingly insane due to the medication he was on and made stupid decisions that cost them the war.

    In my opinion It was a mixture of strategic intelligence, technology advancement and being well trained.

    Not only this, many Nazis belived they were the Master race and so fought very bravley because they were kinda brainwashed to think they were the best, which made them a very stubern enemy.

    However near the End of the war, the Nazis had been at war with som many countrys, including the USSR, which had tens of millions of troops, over 20% of the German army had DIED, many more millions injourd, near the end of the war, people as young as 14 years old, and the very old were fighting the Allies and Soviets because they were running out of soldiers.

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    German soldiers tended to receive more training before they went off to fight. As a result they were more capable and more disciplined. Also, they believed in the cause. Not the Nazi cause, but the betterment of Germany. They really loved their country and felt they had been poorly treated.

    As the war went on the training program was shortened, and they people became disillusioned with the cause and the government. As a result they didn't fight as well at the end as they did at the beginning. But this was balanced by having much more experienced troops and leaders in the field, so they end result was very comparable.

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    Early in the war, the Germans started with a well-trained army, where first UK and later US had to move from small professional armies to large conscript armies. It takes time for conscripts to learn the ropes. Later in the war, German troops were inferior. Some people erroneously look at casualty rates as a guide to later German superiority, but by that point, the Germans were on the defensive everywhere, and an assaulting force will predictably have higher casualty rates than a force in prepared defensive positions, so that's a false comparison.

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    The ones fighting on the western front yeah they just went home and started over or was part of the reformation. The ones on the eastern front well no one knows barley any of them made it back to Germany. Many people say the Nazi's were bad but thats only because the Soviets were allied with the Allies, but they did some really messed up crap.

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    The other thing you might keep in mind is the desperate fighting one might be willing to do if you were on your home turf and being attacked. The simple fact is that when the tide turned against Germany a massive horde of Allied army was approaching them from two fronts and all they could do was fight as hard as they could to try slowing them down. When they ran out of fighting materials is when they stopped fighting for the most part.

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    Because Hitler is leading them and they are Nazis. In principle, they fight without concerning themselves for the good of the Germanic Empire. And of course Hitler is one of the best military leaders in history and he makes Germany a superpower from a defeated, poor country in only several years. Also the Nazis technology are considered advanced back then in 30s.

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    It just pro-German propaganda. They had many allies among local population of Eastern Europe, thats why they were so successful and fast at first. There was almost zero resistance. That is, until they reached Russia, and Russians kicked their ***. They didn't fight better at all. In fact, they lost almost twice as many soldiers per population, relative to Russians.

    Germans 5.5 million, 75 million population

    Russians 6.5 million , 165 million population

    I am not counting POWs, which they both caught about the same numbers, but GERMANS killed 3.5 million Soviet soldiers, and Soviets killed about 1 million German soldiers. They both had around 5.5 million POWs.

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    They didn't, they used better tactics. The French put all of their chips on fortifications along the Madgeburg Line, but who knew the Germans were willing to sweep through the lowlands? Ultimately the Nazi's began giving their soldiers methamphetamines to keep them awake and help them fight better, but even this couldn't overcome their supply shortages.

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