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When they bring back home the bodies of the latest brave men to have died in Afghanistan will anyone ask...?

...What did they give their lives for?

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    Regrettably they are what used to be called "cannon fodder".

    They have historically died at the whim of those in power and unfortunately they are still dying for the same reasons!

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    Hello, (ANS) What the vast majority of ordinary UK citizens don't realize is just how remote & wild a country Afghanistan really is. Its extremely remote! & extremely mountainous!!, it has a strategic position though. Afghanistan has always been a tribal country managed by wealthy tribal leaders (war lords) this is nothing new at all. **What you must also realize is that the ordinary people of Afghanistan are incredibly poor, their poverty is like nothing we can imagine here in the rich western countries. Therefore they use their land to grow crops to earn a living, enough to scrape by but its a very merger income. YES! they grow opium poppies because they are so poor as its the few ways they can almost guarantee some reasonable level of cash. Wouldn't you do the same if it meant the difference between eating & feeding your family or starvation? I DON'T blame the poor farmers. **One solution is that the Western nations could buy up the poppy crops and it could be harvested for medical use and turned into medical drugs like Morphia, or other opiates, or opiate based drugs. This would help remove the amounts of illegal drugs washing about the streets of the UK & USA,etc. And could at least be used for beneficial purposes. **This would also benefit the local Afghani people with some assured income each year and it would prevent the drugs falling into the hands of the wrong people or used for the wrong reasons. This would also help to change the political situation. **I don't personally think 50% of UK electorate know why our soldiers are still in Afghanistan any more. **REMEMBER!! Most UK people were against Tony Blair dragging us into this illegal war in the first place, we never wanted to be a part of this, its only down the stupid so called "special relationship" between Bush & Blair that it happened anyway i.e. part of the so called war on terror whatever that means? and the hunt for Osama Bin Lardin,etc. **I cannot see where this war in Afghanistan will end, I don't personally believe the political rhetoric being spouted by the UK politicians about how we are winning the war. Its non sense frankly, I think if the UK pulled out tomorrow the Taliban would be back in a flash within 6mths. Ivan.

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    They were brave men that fought and died for a country that doesn't think of them as soldiers but numbers. My condolences lie with the family at this time, can only hope that the government that insists on them fighting in this war in future gives them the right equipment and support to do so.

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    None of the main political parties in the UK oppose the war in Afghanistan and they all seem agreed that it is aimed at disrupting the Al Qaeda training camps in which terrorists from around the world are trained. I think we can quite safely, therefore, take it that it is a war that is being waged to make the world safer.

    Every life lost is a tragedy and I am glad that none of my sons is in danger of losing his life there. However, 52 people lost their lives in a single day in London on 7/7 to bombs detonated by people trained in the area where we are at war.

    Soldiers join the Army to become fighting men and accept that, in the event of going to war, lives are going to be lost. Every last one of them hopes it won't be him. I rather suspect that every last one of them also hopes beyond hope to be involved in the sort of actions that they are engaged in in Afghanistan.

    Our Army is a magnificent organisation, highly trained and with disciplined and efficient soldiers. None of them deserve to die, some of them inevitably will if they fight wars.

    On the first day of the battle of the Somme, 20,000 British soldiers died.

    War is cruel, and the families are who suffer when we have casualties.

    Ask why, by all means. But be thankful that we have brave and willing people amongst us who are willing to fight for the freedom that we enjoy.

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    I ask Why , whenever the word Afghanistan is mentioned on the news or I see it in a Newspaper. I am almost dumbfounded when I Union Flag draped coffins coming off the back of a plane. I don't know why I am seeing these things in the news. What are these soldiers actually dying for?


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    1 decade ago

    Deighton - The trouble with that argument is its impossible to prove, since we can only talk hypothetics. We have no idea what the terrorists would have done had we not invaded Afghan and Iraq. However even when we were fighting them, they still came over and killed 52 people on the tube.

    I doubt many more people would have died had we not gone to war, and if you ask me if you think less people would have died, compared to soldiers who have died, then yes, Id be 100% certain that we would not have had the same mortality rate as theyve had in the military.

    Depends on how disposable you consider military personnel really.

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    Why is it the jihadists do not have all this heart-searching? Is it because they are more convinced that their cause is right and they will ultimately win? When good men waver, the evil forces draw strength.

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    You are right they are all very brave men, but does anyone really believe what this government tells us about the war? and what it is really being fought for?

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    well have you heard of many Al Qaeda terror attacks recently? You're somehow assuming that they would simply have 'gone away', if a plan of no action had been followed.

    These things never go away without a fight, the soldiers have made the world safer.

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    I'm sure their grieving families will wonder and mourn and grieve.

    i don't see why this is getting thumbs down. it's pretty common when somebody we love dies to ask "why"? and feel depressed and mournful and wish we could do anything in the world to have them back.

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