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Can 16 year olds buy prostitutes in Amsterdam?

I heard that 16 year olds can buy a prostitute in this city. Is that really true?

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    Firstly, you don't buy a prostitute, you pay them for their services.

    Secondly, No, you have to be 18 to visit a prostitute.

    Source(s): Im dutch
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    I visited Amsterdam a few years ago, and I would definitely recommend a trip there. The history and museums are amazing, and I would also recommend going in the spring. The Keukenhof Gardens are like Heaven on earth with all the tulips and flowers blooming. Be sure to also check out Rembrandt's house museum too. We enjoyed it even more than we thought we would. And of course Anne Frank's house was very moving. We also visited Den Haag and the M.C. Escher and Mauritshuis Museums. It is not any more "adult oriented" than any other major city would be, and to me, the more open attitude of the Dutch could be part of the learning experience regarding their history, culture, etc. Suffice it to say, I had always dreamed of visiting Europe and chose The Netherlands because of its beauty, history, and culture, and it sounds as though your daughter would sincerely appreciate it for these same reasons as well. I can't wait to return someday!

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    In Amsterdam is a wide spectrum of attractions for recreational and national sightseeing. They range from fascinating old structures, just like the Oude Kerk, to oddities such as the Hash

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    Yes and a lot of sixteen year olds are the prostitutes.

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    yeahhh. learned that in french class @ school lmfao.

    if you were to say lets go window shopping in french there, it'd be just like saying lets go looking for prostitutes there..

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    18 is the minimum age.

    And, as someone remarked - you can only rent them - not buy ;)

  • Anonymous
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    aslong as you got money dont think the prostitutes will mind

  • ©2009
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    Never buy, just rent

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    I hear ANYBODY can do ANYTHING in Amsterdam. Lets go!

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