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Ladies that got pregnant when they were teenagers...?

How old were you when you got pregnant?

Was it planned or unplanned?

Are you glad you had your child at that age or wished you had waited?

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    I was 17 when i fell pregnant

    Im 18 weeks now :)

    We had been ttc for a while, but not long.

    I know everyone thinks its silly plannin a child when your that young, but you say your ready for a baby when your financially ready, and we are, so why not start young?)

    I am really glad im having my baby young, i dont want to be a saggy mum when my kids a teen!!

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    1st @ 15 (3 days before my 16th), i love my daughter and couldn't live without her, but i do wish she came along a few years later. Definitely not planned.

    2nd @ 20, I had my son just after i got married he wasn't planned either, as i was on the pill, and i felt that the 4 1/2yr age gap was a nice one.

    3rd @ 23, My daughter wasn't planned as such, we had discussed another baby but i was still on depo so, she came a bit earlier than planned. The age gap is nearly 4 yrs between her and my son, so another nice gap. She was going to be the last one.

    4th currently 21 weeks pregnant, age 25. Im having a boy, so that gives me 2 of each. He wasn't planned, as far as i new i still had a coil in, but according to the doctor its gone and here i am number 4 on the way. The only thing i am worried about is the age gap as my youngest will just have turned 2 when he comes along.

    I am glad i had all of my children, and I think that after having my 1st young the age gaps afterwards are quite good. I didn't want to one of these women having children when their eldest is having children.

    I do feel as though there are things I missed out on, but that was my fault and what i missed can't have been as good as watching my children grow up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I just turned 17 when I got pregnant with my 1st child. He was definitely unplanned, but I wouldn't change it! In a way, I am kinda glad I had him so young. I always wanted to be a younger mother, maybe not that happened. My mom had me when she was 19, so I kinda feel like we got along better, than if she would have had me when she was 30...

    Now he is 6 years old and I love him to death!!!

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    I had my son at 17 and he was unplanned (well we didn't use precautions so it was hardly accidental either!!).

    I had moments where i felt sad that my friends were always out with their hectic social lives and opportunities to do what they wanted (i.e travelling) as they were living at home with no ties and disposable income.

    However these moments were VERY few and far between and i was always glad, and still am glad that i had him when i did!!!

    I will be 35 when he's 18, and some of his school friends have parents that are older than MY mother!! So i like being a young parent, i feel i can relate to him and his friends more.

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    at 17 i had a little girl who was born at 24 weeks, she died as she had had a brain hemorrhage, at 18 i had my second daughter, who was born at 25 weeks and was in hospital for 15 weeks and came home on oxygen,

    i'm now 24 nearly 25 and 20 weeks pregnant, my little girl is 6! it would have been nice to have had a car and a more money when i had my little girl, i was at college when she was little.

    now i'm self employed, got a house and a car and don't really have to worry about much!!

    i would not change a thing having them as a teenager, obviously would have been better to not have lost one but the i would not have had abbey and i do believe everything happens for a reason, it made me a lot stronger and confident person what i had to deal with so young!!

    i love my daughters, kiss up to you megan on your cloud, and will love this new one, i think i am more gratefull of my daughter and this one in my tummy as i know you can't take having a healthy baby for granted, its a blessing!

    so no. i am glad i had babies in my teens and would no change it, feel a bit old this time, i'll have a ten year old at 35!! just seems like i'll be too old!! ha h

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  • I got pregnant at 17, unplanned, and I am glad I had my son he made me grow up a lot even though I would have loved to enjoy more things such as going off to college I would not give him up for the world.

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  • Kel
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    I found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant two weeks before my 18th birthday. She wasn't really planned but we weren't being careful either.It was a struggle when I was younger, because I ended up being a single mom. It was all worth it though. She is now 9 years old, I have been happily married for 2.5 years and also have a 1 year old now:) I am very very happy with my life and although some of my choices made for a hard time, it was worth every minute of it.

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  • Anonymous
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    baby 1 = i was 16yrs old , i dont regret having her or how old i was i just wish i new how hard it was going to be

    baby 2 = i was 18 yrs old , older and wiser lol

    baby 3 = 22 yrs old , feeling rather old by now and said no more kids for me lol

    baby 4 = 27yrs am still carrying this baby now ,

    the way i see it is i started out young but i am pleased in away as i will still be young when my kids are growing up , my oldest is 11 yrs old now and my youngest is 5 xxx but i would say if your young and a teenager live your life first and settle down with a nice job before you think about having children xxx

    Source(s): mam ov 3 ,4th on the way
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    I'm happy she's here now, but it's hard work, and sometimes I think I should have waited, but she's not stopping me from doing anything. I'm an apprentice child-minder, who will be going to university. I'm an elite athlete, I have my own house, my own car, my fiancé and all without benefits.

    I'd do the same thing again in a heart beat, but sometimes I wish my contraception hadn't failed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i had my first baby when it was 2 weeks before i turned 16! but i would do nothing to change it! if it was not for my kid then i think that i would not have grown up so fast. he has been a blessing in my life and i have done everything in order to be the best mom for him! i am still in school and i have a part time job to suport him. and now im alomost 18 and im 5 weeks preg. with my second child!!

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