What makes the perfect man?

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  • B J answered 5 years ago
I dont think there is a PERFECT man! He is only perfect in your eyes and what you think is perfect but he will just like you will have things that make you unperfect! But loving each other even tho your both unperfect is all that matters!

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I like that! x
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  • Rainman answered 5 years ago
    The perfect Woman !
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  • blackpool lass answered 5 years ago
    hiya tilly, the perfect man, is what you want in a man.each girl as a ider what she wants in her perfect man.so only you can answer that.good luck.xx
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  • LFO answered 5 years ago

    There is no such thing really in essense. For example: One woman's 'bad boy' is another woman's 'bad boy', in a sense that some women are tolerant with these types, whilst others simply won't even go near them.

    However, all woman want to feel that they are wanted, loved and appreciated. There also needs to be an element of spark between both man and woman to maintain that interest level.

    I don't really bother with all the cliche`s and myth's. At the end of the day, life's too short!

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  • Hmmm answered 5 years ago
    Someone who's touch can melt you
    Gives the perfect kisses
    Knows all your flaws and secrets and still love you
    Someone who likes you for yourself
    Knows you better than anyone else
    Good personality
    Knows how to handle you
    Pretty in their own way
    Doesn't care about beauty -
    Knows exactly what to say

    Being the one you always dreamt of - that's the perfect man.
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  • Andy answered 5 years ago
    me ;0)
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  • Greek Goddess answered 5 years ago
    It really depends on you.We all have ideas of a perfect guy.Most are Rich,handsome,sensitive ECT,but it depends on what kind of things you want in a guy and if you find someone that has all those qualities then thats your perfect guy.
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  • terrygil answered 5 years ago
    perfect in ur eyes may not be perfect to some one Else. as close as i can see only real men who are in church come about as close as one can get.Girls the same....
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  • angel_to_ashes answered 5 years ago
    respectful of you (which entails not checking out other girls in front of you and not putting you down)
    gets along with your family
    good hygiene
    a handy man

    (basically my man)
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  • fergie answered 5 years ago
    the perfect woman.
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  • Jady21 answered 5 years ago
    One you can trust and who treats you right and makes you always feel loved!!
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  • psymon answered 5 years ago
    A very active imagination.
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  • pink answered 5 years ago
    no ones perfect, but respect in a guy goes a long way.
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  • Dexter answered 5 years ago
    A millionaire comedian with a 10 inch long chocolate penis and big listening ears
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