What race are Lebanese?

I have talked to Lebanese people who claim they are not Arabs,so i was wondering what race they are?

I would prefere not to have answers in regard to Ancient peoples 1000's of years ago please.

I am interested in what race modern Lebanese call themselves.


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    race well we cant tell....

    we are really a mix Phoenicians, greeks, romans, Arabs, persians and so on.

    If you visited Beirut one day (Which i hope you will), you will see that there are very fair lebanese with blond hair/ blue eyes and very dark/tanned lebanese with black eyes and hair.

    However NOW we speak Arabic as our first language, Arabic is the official language and we are part of the Arab league. So yes we are considered Arabs.

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    OMG how many times to i have to read this question!!????????

    You know what,im going to answer this question,Lebanese who deny they are not arabs is becuz ppl outside from the Middle East assume Arabs are strict,not open minded and all the negative things u can think about,and according to Lebanese we are different than all the Arab countries surrounding us,we live in a free country with free choices!!

    So i guess that is why Lebanese deny they are not arabs,am not saying i ever denied i wasn't one!

  • We consider ourselves Lebanese. (Mediterranean)

    Race- Caucasian

    Ethnicity Middle Eastern/Mediterranean

    Arab is not a race...

    Source(s): LB xoxo
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    actually a recent study based on DNA show that Lebanese have Arabic,Canaanites,Phoenicians,ancient Greek and European genes.

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    They aren't a race to tell the truth as there wasn't any ancient country named Lebanon at all. The land had been ruled by various forces like Romans, Crusaders, Arabs, Jews, Brits and Turks. I think they're just a mixed bunch of bastards.

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    No such thing as "race", only ethnicity's modified by environment.

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    There is a great explanation of what you seek here:


    Just scroll down to the Ethnic Groups section.

  • Caucasian/White

    I am Palestinian and on all my documents it says Caucasian and its the same for someone from Lebanon

    I live in the USA and I hate being considered caucasian cuz i dont get the same benefits a minority of Hispanic origin would get just because although I am a minority I am under Caucasian

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    Arabs of course lol it's too bad there are hundreds of thousands of them in Sydney, Australia.

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    Modern Lebanese r all Arabs.

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