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Google chrome vs Internet Explorer vs Mozilla Firefox?

Which is the best-Chrome vs IE 9 vs Firefox???

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    Google chrome is GARBAGE! I personally prefer Internet Explorer, but Firefox is good too.

    So now you gotta choose between IE and MF, because chrome is out of the question.

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    Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is the WORST! I do use Firefox from time to time because for some reason Google Chrome doesn't open some pages that I go to, it just sits there loading forever until you give up basically. But I'm on Firefox right now. Google Chrome is the fastest, though. People that are still on IE should try a different browser they'd be amazed at the speed increase of loading the browser and the web pages.

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    I'm using Chrome, because it's fastest and simple. Before that I was using Mozilla, but after I tried Chrome I rarely come back there. It's because Mozilla is slower and I have too many plugins installed, which slow it down even more, not to mention how much space do all the toolbars take. Oh an I love it when you open a new tab in Chrome you get the 9 'most visited' pages. I haven't used IE in years, except for 0once at my friend's house, and I see it's improved, but I still prefer chrome and Mozilla.

    I also like Opera, but for some reason I don't use it much.

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    Out of those I'd rank the like this:

    1. Mozilla Firefox

    2. Internet Explorer 9

    3. Google Chrome

    Mozilla is wonderful....starts up fast and doesn't take up too much has a capability to install add ons like AD Blocker Plus and different skins....those add ons are easy to install...

    Internet Explorer 9 used to suck...a lot but now its one of the best due to recent improvements....and theres probably gonna be a brand new IE with the new Windows 7 release....

    Not very familiar with Google Chrome because I tried it once but did not like it... so i never used it....

    Now...not including those three theres one that trumps all....Opera 9....its a GREAT web browser fast light weight and works with ALL versions of Windows/Mac

    Opera 9 or Firefox...

    Source(s): Experience
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    Well, it depends on what your looking for

    Fastest Speed Lowest Resources

    3-IE 9


    1-Google Chrome, opens instataneously and boosts your internet speed.

    Most compatibility


    2-Firefox and Chrome (both have same compatibility issues but chromes is probably because it is still on the newer side)

    1-IE 9 Works with basically anything but is the slowest of the group.

    Firefox also have a major pro with all the add-on's and such

    Source(s): Experience with each.
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    Chrome on Windows

    and Firefox on OS X

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    1. Firefox 3.5.x

    2. Firefox 3.0.x

    3. Google Chrome 2.0

    4. Google Chrome 1.0

    5. Firefox 2.0.x

    Internet Explorer doesn't figure in my list. Also, there is no IE9. The current version is IE8 which features in Windows 7(Inbuilt). It is also available for XP and Vista.

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    Firefox all the way. IE 9 isn't that stable, Chrome has it's perks, and still Mozilla Firefox has a huge variety of plug-ins and is one of the most stable. I would recommend it to anyone.

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    I have all of them installed, and I use both Firefox and Google Chrome at once (so I can have multiple sessions on the same site open at once.) However, I find Firefox vastly superior and easier to use than Google Chrome.

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