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Will the allied criminals who killed millions of German and Japanese civilians in WW2 ever be punished?

In Berlin alone, 500 thousand civilians were killed by the allies. They've gotten away with their crimes for more than 60 years and most of them are dead of old age now. Will the remaining ever be punished?

And don't say that the Germans and Japanese deserved it because they made war, for then I would have the right to say the Jews deserved the Holocaust because of the Jewish bankers who stole money from Europe.

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    Unfortunately, as Napoleon said, morality is on the side with greater artillery. The winners are never Judged, that's a historical fact. But before McNamara died a while ago, he confessed that he and the officer staff had made a war crime when they bombed Tokyo and killed hundreds of thousands. It was before his death, he was finally repenting. So don't worry, in the end God will Judge them.

    Now you will probably hear people saying how right was the crimes the allies did, and trying to justify the genocide of tens of millions of civilians with auto-bombing, eventhough it had no military significance.

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    What a surprise. William W does not allow email.

    Well William let me ask you this in public.

    Please substantiate Your claim that the Allies killed 500,000 people in Berlin during the war.

    I am sure that many people were killed during the communist regime after the war.

    Many people were killed during bombing raids on Berlin during the war.

    But 500,000?

    Your over inflation of figures demeans your question in the first place.

    My personal speciality is Dresden and the claims that the raids there in 1945 were war crimes.

    Please intimate if you want to get into that discussion and I will oblige you. My email address is If anyone else wants to join in feel free.


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    Mit Google-Übersetzer :

    Google Translator:

    Yes, the allied war criminals are escaping justice. The winner writes the history in order, even retroactively. The Allied war crimes, from politicians down to the soldiers who are no longer punished for their crimes at the Germans and the Japanese people, for the delivery of the Cossacks to the communist criminals by the British, for the mass murder of Dresden, for the "Christian blessed "atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the greatest war crimes in the history of mankind.

    We must preserve the memory of the truth, we must understand that we are one folk and one race and the WW2 gin never finished, but up to now communicate with others continues.

    14 Words .... worldwide !

    Greetings from German-speaking Switzerland

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    You can not make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. And the simple fact is that actions had to be taken to end the oppressive rule of the Axis powers that would not be taken now.

    If you doubt me, look at the liberation of France. Towns were ruined by the advancing allies with loads of civilians being killed. Harsh but true.

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    I don't know how much about the Middle Ages you learn in America. Probably not very much. But you may have heard of the one thing that dominated Europeen History (and with it the one in the colonies), until well into the 18th century. There was this thing called "witchhunt". This was the excuse for all and everything that was done wrong by the clergy, the state etc.

    Today we have another word for it: It's now called political correctness.

    In many Europeen countries you get filed for expressing your opinion. And in between every German child down to the age of three (yes: there even exist Holocaust books for three year aged children) gets to hear of how bad Germans are. My grandfather was in prison in Siberia, but he never got any compensation for it. Hundreds of tousands were tortured (raped) by the communists. But don't raise your voice, because then you're a Nazi.

    Do you know that in Germany there're people, who're running around with a banner "Do it again, bomber Harris"? And they're not punished. Quite the opposite. Now can you imagine what would happen in America when someone would carry a banner writing "Do it again, Hirohito"?

    And now we've to accept tousands of civil occupants, who say quite oppenly that they hate us. But we've to love them. If you want to win an Oscar all you've to do is to a make a film about how bad all Germans are.

    I'm long over the point about who's right and who's not. I also don't care at all, if anyone believes me or not. America is dying and with it Europe, because people simply don't care anymore. The dying and aborted child has become something of a normality. It doesn't concern anyone, if crime rises every year. Raise your voice and you're a Nazi, a racist whatever. As long as you're politically correct and don't forget to mock your country.

    As long as Israel and America get their money and their oil and as long as every person has got enough time and money to spend on the three "Fs" (in German: Fressen,. Ficken, Fernsehen= eating, having sex, watching television), now who cares about someone like Mr. Fritzl?

    People like Wiesel get the noble piece prize for story telling and saying things like: "Every person should hate the Germans", but don't try to quote them. You're a Nazi then.

    I'm not a very religious person, but I do believe that once all this "Humpty-dumpty-joking-amusing" society, who cares for nothing but the next beer, will break away sooner or later. And then I want to see all this "I'm friends with everyone"-people getting help from Arabs, Turks etc. (of course they will not).

    I once read a very good letter written by a German woman living before in the old DDR (the communist Germany). Do you really know what it is like not be able to say what you want? To be convicted for expressing what you think? To be looked at- even by or closest friends and family- as some maniac?

    But go on with your tolerance, "we love everyone"-society. Go on with calling everyone a racist raising his voice against your so called "opinion". Tell everyone he's a conspiration teller. That won't change the fact that economy is running down, that most asylants are not coming, because they're threaten so badly in their home country. That won't change the fact that you're more or less paying for your own decline.

    You're no better then the squealers in the 16th century telling their major that they saw the neighbour's wife flying on a besom!

    @Ray: From my point of view the question isn't about 500.000 getting killed or just 50 getting killed. The point here is: war is a crucial thing, with dead people (innocent dead people) on all sides. But just one side is constantely punished for it, while the Allies (nowadays especially America, GB and Israel) get away with everything, not just with WW2, also Iraque, Vietnam etc.

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    An interesting question.

    The belief that bombing cities would sap the will of the people and hasten the end of the war (the reasoning for this) was proven too late-to be wrong.

    This is because the trauma suffered by both killer and victim is related to the distance (physical, cultural and racial) of the two. So as bad as it was (and it was indeed horrible) the deaths of innocent civilians in places like Hamburg, Berlin, Tokyo and London did nothing but embolden them and their armies-it gave them martyrs to stand up for.

    So the bombing of cities is in immediate effect the SAME as the atrocity at My Lai during Vietnam. The difference between them is the level of guilt felt by the perpetrators.

    Even those on board the Enola Gay felt little sympathy when they unleashed destruction with the Atomic Bomb. It wasn't that they were cold hearted-it was because they didn't actually see their victims or hear their wails (those that survived initially but were injured) of anguish.

    We see the same thing done by firing squads and even terrorists today. Execution or killing (choose your term) is made easier when we can't see the person's face who's life they're ending. This is also why many times, executioners will shoot them from behind a blindfolded victim.

    So the blindfold allows us to execute even a former friend because we don't see his face-though we may still hear his cries of pain in his final moments.

    So too with bombing campaigns (which as I addressed earlier, were ineffective), the distance from their "targets" (a term used to further distance their victims from their humanity-hence, their similarity with the perpetrator) allowed them a level of denial. Though they logically understood exactly what they were doing-the emotional baggage associated with the ability to see and hear their victims was not present. This is largely why PTSD is very common among those in the Army, but almost non-existent among those in the Air Force and Navy.

    So the answer is no-they will not be persecuted for acts that they were ordered to do in a military situation (note: I do NOT agree with the bombing of cities, I'm just telling it like it is).

    Source(s): Study of Military History Study of Military Strategy "On Killing, The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society" -by Lt. Col. David Grossman
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    No, because they lost. To the victors go the spoils of war. This includes freedom from any prosecution.

    Having said that, there is a difference between being a shady banker and being a belligerent nation that is aggressively invading your neighbors. Look at how many civilians Germany killed by invading Russia!

    Look at the Japanese turning the women of the islands they conquered into whores for their service men.

    should the world have turned a blind eye. Should each nation just wait their turn to get invaded?

    Also, if you will remember, the Germans were interfering with American ships by attacking them with torpedos.

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    No. The winners write the history books. International law is still subservient to the will of the strongest Nations. Even the current governments of the places bombed would not support it.

    Nazi rule had to end but in hindsight there might have been better ways.

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    War is the engine that drives humanity. There will never be a world without war, until there is no world.

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    So your argument is that stealing money from Europe justifies marching millions of people into big ovens and gas chambers and taking entire Chinese villages into a square and slaughtering them eye to eye with guns and knives and swords, and raping and enslaving Chinese and Korean women, then killing them when they were finished? Is that your argument? Well then, I guess I will find it necessary to disagree with you. The Axis powers of World War II wanted nothing less than the absolute slaughter of anyone who didn't follow their particular dogma. You cannot forge a debate with one stupid little sentence without inviting those of us who can think to respond.

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