How Many White And Black people are in the world?

My question is....what percentage of the world's population is WHITE and what percentage of the world's population is many white people are in the world and how many black people are in the world

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    There are about 1.5 billion white people in the world.

    In determining the white population you must add up;

    Europe=731 million people (over 95% are white)

    Australia= 21 million people (over 90% are white)

    Canada=33 million people (over 85% are white)

    Argentina=40 million people (over 95% are white)

    Brazil=191 million people (over 50% are white)

    South Africa=48 million (10% are white)

    There are about 1.1 billion black people in the world.

    You must add up;

    Sub-Saharan Africa= about 800 million [excluding North Africa] (over 95% black)

    The Caribbean Nations= 25.5 million (75% black)

    United States= 307 million (13% black)

    Brazil=197 million (10% black)

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    White People Vs Black People

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    3% of the world population is white

  • Chinese :1.3 billion

    Indian : 1 billion

    Other Asians: 1 billion

    Arabs : 500 million

    White 1. 2 billion

    Black : 1 billion

    Total world population: 6 billion

    Source(s): @Superior Intellect : You don't allow people to add you???
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    china has 1.3 billion the highist india1.2 africa1.2 billion

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    Good question, I would like to know as well. Looks like Superior knows.

    Edit aren't you on youtube? lol you look familiar.

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    I don't really know!

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    GOOGLE never hurt

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    Thanks for the answers, very much appreciated.

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