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what is the difference between ham and gammon?

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    Ham is a leg of pork cured

    Gammon comes from a whole side of pork cured for bacon

    they are both a leg of pork but treated in a different way

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    Gammon Pork

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    Most of us use the terms gammon and ham interchangeably and few of us are sufficiently sophisticated consumers to notice the difference when we eat either gammon or ham. In fact both ham and gammon are cut from the leg of a pig. The meat is the same but the preparation and treatment is different. Ham and gammon are both cured meats. This means that they are treated with salt, known as brining, and other substances before being eaten. Ham is meat that is cut from the carcass and then treated. Gammon is meat that is cut from the carcass after the brining treatment. Both gammons and hams might also be smoked. Traditionally, regional variants in the process and the ingredients used would bring different flavours to the cured meats. This explains the origin of distinctive varieties such as York ham, Bayonne ham and Prague ham. Air dried hams are also cured first but then usually eaten raw whereas brined hams are baked or boiled before serving

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    Both Ham and Gammon come from a pig's hind leg, Ham is first cut off the carcass and then smoked, salted or dried (or a combination of these) for preservation. Gammon is cured as part of a side of bacon and cut off afterwards

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    what is the difference between ham and gammon?

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    I am a former chef from Canada and Gammon is commonly the UK word or phrase for ham or a cut from the ham like a steak or whole piece, it can refer to a pork leg steak fresh or cured and smoked. Gammon is an old english word for pig or hog, and it has just been adopted for any item with that occurrence. Just like in the UK they fries chips, chips are crisps, and money is called a "bob".

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    difference ham gammon

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