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Female Kitten Names Please? x?

Does anyone know any good names for a female, ginger, bengal kitten? Thanks :-) xxx

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    Don't go with anything boring like Tabby or Tabatha or Sheba or whatever. You want something unusual.

    Maybe 'Nest?' It's Welsh I believe. I love the name Morgan as a female name. Or even Bastet/Bast, after the Egyptian deity? Do a little research on female gods and feline type people or historical/ fantasy people. There are some good names there :-)

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    You could google female cat names and they have a really long list of name. That's how I found my cats names.

    But that was 5 hours worth of research until I found the right ones. =)

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    Ginger, Willow, Raina, Evie, or Athena

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    Toffee, Tiger, Tigger, Caramel, Stripes or Stripey

    Bubbles, Tippy, Buddy, Bandit, Ace, Garfield

    Lily, Honey, Ruby

    Or u could name it something to go with her personailty.

    Hope i have helped u :)

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    Please keep your kitten indoors, as so many bad things can happen to them outside: hit by cars, killed by raccoons.

    Please spay and neuter as there are way too many homeless cats out there.

    Thanks for caring. And Sigfried is a good name.

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    4 years ago

    My 12 year old black moggy is called Treason - she and her two brothers were born on November 5th, the two males being ~Gunpowder and Plot... Of course, if you are American this will mean nothing to you :-)

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    Winnie or Tabitha

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