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Do you feel like you being used by Labour?

Im not anti-labour or anything it's just people go to work and get a good chunk of their money taxed and don't seem to get anything for it.

We are meant to get a good education but funds in education have been brought way down, a good national health service but its so much underfunded, good public transport! urine stained chairs and the worry you will get stabbed which you pay for out of your own pocket anyway and lots of other stuff which doesn't seem to be happening.

Meanwhile your money goes to new people coming to live here (which i have no problem with!) but the new guys get a house and car payed for them! and we have chavs sponging off benefits (Which I know the majority of people who need benefits are genuine but so much money goes to people who are not :( ) It just seems the people who get on with work and pay taxes are just being used and forgotten about. Please feel free to express your opinion though that's why I put the question up :).


Thanks for the links and the answer pierre but I am not Naive into thinking we shouldn't pay our taxes because they our not effecting us personally. I just don't like the fact tax payer money goes towards people who are to lazy to get a job so they live in a council house and actually make money off various benaficial schemes as well as some new immigrants finding out the exact same thing. The money these people are getting could go towards better equipment for sodiers and less cuts in heathcare and education but Labour has shown no intention of changing that. Plus the pension scheme is outrageous. :P

Update 2:

Sorry Pierre gunna have to stop you again on this one. I have done my resarch and maybe you should do your research before telling over people to do their research :P. Saying my comment about "the new guys" getting a house and car is sinply not true, is simply not true. If you research into it you find out there are beneficial schemes for this such as you may have heard recently in the news about an Islamic extremist who made bombs. He was given a flat and car which made the crime even worse. ( I am only using this as an example of the benefits he got not the fact he was an extremist for my argument). Also I personally know a man who has a bad back which means he cannot work. His wife works a well paid job and can support the both of them but he still claims benfits and legally makes around £100 a week from claiming. Thats more than some hard workers make in savings for a week. So please do your own research before claiming mine if false :) thankyou.

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    The Labour party has never been very good at keeping their house in order.

    Under Wilson we were bailed out by the IMF.

    Under Callaghan we were again forced into recession

    and now for the third successive Labour government the country has almost been reduced to Bankruptcy.

    People have a very short memory, and believe this rubbish about a global problem.

    The problems in the US economy were there for everyone to see before the Iraq war. Bush boosted the economy by pumping all the war spending into it. Blair just kissed his feet and went along with it.

    Now if you blow $800 billion on making war, that has got to affect the economies of everyone involved.

    Add to that the total lack of regulation of the banking sector in both the US and here and it becomes clear to see that the global recession has been caused by the policy of the US and UK together.

    Put blame squarely were it should be. On the Bush administration and the UK labour government.

    Never in the field of human endeavour was so much harm caused to so many by so few.

    Perhaps at the next election the labour party will finally be killed off and the Libs become the new opposition.

    New Labour tried to move to the centre but couldn't overcome their desire to control every aspect of our lives.

    The councils now have the right to bug our phones and subject us all to surveillance, the police now have the right to confiscate your car and make you pay to get it back if their computer says that it is not taxed or insured, even if you can subsequently prove their computer is wrong.

    You are now living in a police state. You can be arrested for saying that Homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to adopt children or for selling Golliwogs, or even for suggesting that Muslims can be racists.

    15 year old kids get locked up for hours for calling someone a rude name in the Playground.

    Our civil liberties have not been eroded, they have been slashed all in the name of national security.

    What about the DNA database. Even if your dna has been taken to eliminate you from an enquiry they are now keeping it for 5 years.

    How about the ID card scheme? "oh you won't have to carry it". Unless it is compulsory to carry it, it has no point and is a waste of time.

    Did you know a working party recommended that babies should be micro chipped at birth and their dna records recorded?

    The technology already exist to Read a microchip from space.

    Soon if this government got it's way they would be able to track everyone of us 24 hours a day.

    Did you noticehow Blair announced policy to the media ignoring the house of commons? Effectively he declared himself president. Now they are sayimng that this meglomaniac is going to be the new EU president.

    Did you know that the Lisbon Treaty commits us to giving up the pound and becoming part of a Federal States of Europe?

    Page 15 para 3

    "RESOLVED to achieve the strengthening and the convergence of their economies and to

    establish an economic and monetary union including,in accordance with the provisions of this

    Treaty and of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union , a single and stable


    page 17 line 1

    "4. The Union shall establish an economic and monetary union whose currency is the


    It commits us to opening our borders to people travelling from within the EU:

    Page 16 Article 3 section 2

    "2. The Union shall offer its citizens an area of freedom, security and justice without

    internal frontiers, in which the free movement of persons is ensured in conjunction with

    appropriate measures with respect to external border controls, asylum, immigration

    and the prevention and combating of crime."

    Currently the two most successful european economies are those of Switzerland and Norway neither of whom are EU members.


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    All labour do is make sure the poor remain poor and uneducated so they can trick them into still voting for their fake labour part with some patronising drivel, the latest being a promise to "increase" the nmw to £8 by 2020, when just with the usual increase every October alone it would be just over £8 anyway. The labour party should be prosecuted for deceiving and abusing the poor.

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    A lot of the points you make are relative. In other words some of the statements you make about funding, when compared to past governments are clearly incorrect.

    Education has been majorly funded by Labour. Free health care at point of access is still here while under previous governments it has been under threat.

    I have never seen a urine stained chair in hospital or on a bus (not saying it does not happen, just that it is an unusual statement to make as a generalisation).

    Benefits are set at a low level and are means tested, if you are not entitled to them you do not get them. If you get them illegally you face prosecution (something else we pay for through taxes).

    The idea that "new guys" get a car and house paid for is ridiculous and incorrect.

    Taxes are not high relatively speaking and to say we get nothing for them is also incorrect. All those services that are taken for granted have to be paid for through taxes.

    While we experience taxation directly, many of the services available to us are more removed. One problem faced by any government is many people want taxes to be zero and services to be 100%. Unfortunately in the real world it does not and cannot work that way. (Sadly, many politicians seeking power, will tell you that it can work that way in order to get elected).

    Taxes pay for police, armed forces, traffic lights, health care, the legal system, environmental policies, some childcare provision, benefits, food safety....the list is endless. All priorities that we want and have to pay for.

    One criticism I would endorse is that there is lots of information out there about paying tax but nowhere near enough about the services we receive for it. This is left to politicians to explain and some of the explanations can be partisan to say the least.

    You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding about council housing, the benefits system and immigration. If you don't want to listen to me, at least do a little research so that what you believe and what you can substantiate are made distinct. (I would say ill-informed rather than naive).

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    To Labour,I am just a number to whom they believe that they can talk to like I was a 5 year old child!

    And that is their big mistake amongst many.

    They through Peter Mandelson's intervention have ensured that they will be sitting on the Opposition Benches for at least 12-15years.

    I agree with the questioners line of thought,If I had to choose between my taxes going to immigrants and benefit scroungers or better equipment for our soldiers,I choose our soldiers every time.

    Right now all they are interested in is saving Tony Blair's reputation through his criminal manipulation of sending British military personnel into Iraq.

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    I don't feel used by New Labour - I feel abused. As a recipient of the state pension I agree with your every word and beg to be permitted to list a few more of their 'sins'! I spent twenty years of my life as a very active Labour activist (Councillor/MP candidate etc.) and this so-called 'New' Labour lot have betrayed everything I stood for and believed in. They're far worse than Thatcher's regimes. Their anti-people legislation has never before in recent times been surpassed. Economically we've become crippled. We kowtow to every whim of the French & German dominated EU. They dragged us, at the demand of the USA, into an illegal war with Iraq. Despite the weight of public opinion they refuse to contemplate bringing our troops back from Afghanistan - again at the behest of Washington. They promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and reneged on that. There's an ever increasing list of betrayals this bunch of neo-criminals have set in train. From my point of view I feel ashamed to have, in what now seems the distant past, played an active part in maintaining a Party which evolved into this disgraceful collection of political clowns ever to draw breath. And just think of the further damage they WILL create in the 10 or so months left for them to misgovern this country!

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    The title of the said party,"Labour",says it all. You the tax payer will endlessly "labour" to pay for their stupid policies which are always biased toward the so called poor. Yes there are poor people in these islands,but the majority of benefit recipients are bone idle shysters. The label "benefits" allows the recipient to avoid paying rates, rent prescription charges and other things,but it is obviously enough to allow them mobile phones, cigarettes and booze. So if you feel guilty and stressed for paying taxes then join the unemployed benefit cheats and enjoy life.

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    Yes I do, I look at my quality of life sinking and the tax I pay for nothing in return.

    I am very anti labour because their policies have made my life worse.

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    We are getting P I S S E D on from a great height. stop immigration now. especially with the current economic climate.

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    The only person answering so far who knows what he is talking about is Graham N

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