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Need help deciding which firewall/ad/spy/malware and anti-virus program?

I don't mind paying, I just want my computer protected. Everything I have read is so conflicting.

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    Kaspersky Internet Security and Superantispyware And spybot And malwarebytes

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    That is because most of it is opinion...and like a mouth, everyone's got one...(that's not how the quote goes, but the profanity censor won't let the crude reference to the hinder end of the ailimentary canal through! ;) )

    What is true, however, is that in the (Computer) Security Game...if it's free, it's (generally) useless. The flagship of this is AVGFree, which is about as effective as a screendoor under the waterline. Which is ironic, since the paid-for version is a decent program.

    In any case, you generally get what you pay for, and an $80 suite is almost assured to be better than a $20 suite.

    To add to James' list...

    ca Internet Security 2009

    Norton 360 3.0

    There are other suites I am aware of (Panda and VIPRE[?]) that I have no direct knowledge of, but are supposed to be quite good as well.

    Good Luck!

    EDIT: Oh, if you're going to buy on-line and do a digital download of the suite, ensure your go to the publisher's website (Symantec for Norton, etc). Do *not* download from third party sites, as they are either cracked (and have added "features" you don't want), or outright malware.

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    If you were looking for a suite (anti-virus and a firewall in one package), Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is a *very* good choice. Kaspersky is very highly rated and the KIS 2010 firewall is one of the strongest personal firewalls available. See: (respected independent firewall tests)

    If you wanted a separate AV and firewall, you could go for something like ESET NOD32 and Online Armor Personal Firewall (which both play nicely together). There is a free version of OA available which isn't too shabby if you wanted to save yourself some money, or even Outpost Free (more user-friendly). Comodo is a pain in the butt to use; and also engage in some questionable activities.

    While some free firewalls are very good, avoid free anti-virus software - they are all incomplete one way or another.

    To top it all off, consider purchasing either SUPERAntiSpyware or Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. While free versions are available of each, neither include real-time protection - you have to pay for that.

    A couple tips:

    Download and use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser and install the following add-ons:

    * NoScript (which is very good at blocking scripts and active content - a *very* common source of infection).

    * Adblock Plus (which is very good at blocking ads and pop-ups - another common source of infection).

    * Web of Trust (which will help alert you to known 'bad' sites).

    All add-ons can be downloaded from

    As some malware writers target old, insecure programs as a way to get their 'bad stuff' onto a computer, ensure all your programs are up-to-date with the latest versions and/or patches at all times. Secunia PSI is very good at helping you do this and is quite user-friendly.

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    I would suggest Webroot's SpySweeper with AntiVirus. Webroot is a trustful source that provides quality protection. Webroot comes with many other useful tools, such as site-blockers and firewalls. Most Webroot products work in a form a subscription, meaning you buy the program for a relatively small price, and it comes with a one year subscription (or two). When the subscription runs out, you can pirchase another run for a small fee. Read more at

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    Here's free protection which is better than many paid:

    Firewall: Comodo or Outpost (but not both at the same time)

    Anti-virus: Avira Antivir or Avast (but not both at the same time)

    Ad/ Spyware: Super Antispyware

    Malware: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

    Best paid internet security suites:

    ESET Smart security



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    1 decade ago a complete security suite of one of these should keep you encrypts your outbound transmissions and shields your ip address the free service is through the Tor system and is slow and only shields the ip address the subscription service encrypts data and shields your ip address then is routed through their high speed servers they also make the Xmachine a totaly encrypted computer/encrypted modems and routers...another good security program is you will surf in a virual box even if you get hit by a attacker it will not enter your system you will still need a antivirus/antispyware for when you download and save it to your machine...LOVE THAT ZEROBANK!!!

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    Eset Smart Security

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    You have been infected by VirusHeat, a rogue anti-spyware program. VirusHeat is designed to display system warning messages stating that your system has detected a number of active spyware applications. VirusHeat offers users to purchase a full version of the program to remove the detected spyware infections; pushing you to pull out your credit number and spend money on a product that doesn’t promise what it alleges to deliver. I suggest you get rid of VirusHeat. Try a free removal application, such as SmitFraudFix.

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    First disconnect the connection of your PC. Then do the traditional uninstall and get the spyware or unwanted off your PC. Sometimes, some spyware or virus can not be off easily. You can try a anti-spyware tool to help you out.

    Here is a tutorial and several tips about how to remove the spyware here:

    Hope it can help you.

    Know more FAQ here:

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