What is the cheapest way to watch TV channels in HD?

As many people do nowadays we have a HD TV and now I wanna know what the cheapest way to be watching TV channels in HD as at the moment we just have a basic sky package and basic sky box but the the jump in price to go up to Sky+HD seems a little extreme. If anyone could give me some advice on this as we would really like to be watching in HD by the time of next years World Cup.

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    If you are in the UK the cheapest option for receiving HDTV channels is to receive free Digital terrestrial television (DTT) over a basic aerial antenna. The only cost would be to buy a new HD television or to buy a digital converter box. Check out this BBC web page for the various low cost options and scroll to the bottom for the absolute cheapest option, DTT:


    Here is more about Freeview, a list of channels you get.


    Here is a bit about whether you get HD channels on Freeview:


    Finally, for an alternative option worth mentioning. Freesat from Sky (http://www.freesatfromsky.co.uk/). Freesat offers 240 digital channels of free entertainment – (4 times more channels than on Freeview and includes all your BBC and ITV favourites) however the one-off payment is quite high at around £146.81.

    I am in the USA and have been receiving free OTA ("over the air") DTV signals for a few years now. All the main networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX broadcast all newer programs in full 1080i HDTV format. I totally agree on going with a cheaper option. Just be sure one of the free channels will be broadcasting the World Cup. Good luck to you!

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    FreeSat in the UK has ITV-HD and more to come. You need a dish and a decoder. Wait a whilst and FreeView will go HD as the Switch over clears up bandwidth on terrestrial transmissions

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    Cheapest is to buy a digital converter (that supports HD, not those cheap ones the government is pawning off) and then hang an antenna on the roof. Find out the spectrum where most of the HD channels so you can buy the best antenna suited for the most channels (eg VHF, UHF).

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    I cut my Time warner services off, bought a $60.00 HD amplified

    antenna from Walmart, ran the cord outside, clamped onto my patio railing and now pull in about 20 HD free local channels, sure some

    are crap, but get alot of good local ones in 1080I and 720P.

    Spent $60.00, but save $80.00 a month.

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    Your TV is capable of HD so the problem may be the box of which you tell us nothing.

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    You could visit your local electrical retailer and watch one of their HD televisions - this would only cost you the fuel of driving to the retail park - or you could walk making the entire venture free of charge.

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