First time home buyer help! What can we do?

I am a first time home buyer and we are having a problem with the listing company selling the house. The listing agents assistant said that he sent my Realtor and the mortgage company a copy of the sellers contract on the 7th. He didn't send it until the 13th. We signed it and returned it to him within a day once we finally got it. Anyway, now the crap has hit the fan because we are past our closing date because of his offices negligence. He told our Realtor that he will not send the seller our contract until we sign his addendum that stipulates we pay $150 dollars a day until we close. We will not be able to close until 2 days from now due to other circumstances, though it is not our fault the contract was late in the first place. Also, they told us that if we didn't accept the new contract addendum they would put the house back on the market tomorrow. We have no choice but to pay it for now but I was wondering what action I could take after we get to closing.


We would just walk away from the deal if our situation was different and shop around more. I think that they were trying to shop around for someone willing to pay more than we offered. Apparently, this guy is notorious for under the table deals and shady transactions. I thought that since our realtor was on the ethics board he wouldn't try anything, but I was wrong.

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  • Pengy
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    1 decade ago
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    Let them put it back on the market and stay there for another 6 months, which they will have to pay for, and you get your deposit back. They are just trying to squeeze a few extra bucks out of you.

  • CrG
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    1 decade ago

    Call the State Realtors Commission. That is what they are there for. Check the Yellow pages. I think you will find a group of Realtors who want to end this kind of fraud.

    Source(s): I was a Realtor from 1957 to 1999 at which point I lost most of my hearing and my wife died.
  • 1 decade ago

    Go to the local real estate board to file a complaint.

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