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what's the best soil to grow grape vines in, i'll be planting them in pots?

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    By growing grapes in pots, obviously you have plants that can be moved to a warmer location when the weather turns cold. Just make sure wherever you put your grapes they get bright sun, but the root systems can't get too hot. Black or dark plastic pots draw heat to the soil and can hurt the roots when placed in full sun, so in warm seasons try and place the plant so that the upper plant is in full sun, but the container itself is in the shade. Or you can put the plant in a wooden planter to keep the sun off the roots.

    Grapes like good silt loam soil, that is kept moist, but not soggy, and very little fertilizer. A low nitrogen fertilizer, such as fish emulsion, applied three times in a growing season usually suffices. Stop fertilizing by mid-summer to slow the vine growth and help the fruit ripen.

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