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Anyone else had a dodgy call from 'tech-on-support' claiming to know you have problems with your computer?

I had a call recently from a guy with an Asian accent who said he was from Tech-On-Support and was calling because they had received an email to say that I was having problems with my computer - he asked if was running slow etc. The funny thing was he asked to speak to 'Mr or Mrs 'X'' (my Mum or Dad) and they don't have a computer. It's only me, their daughter, who has a laptop which contains no record of their name at all and he had my Dad's name who doesn't even have an email address. So I probed into this further wondering why I was really getting this call and where the hell he got our details.

The guy said they were a service provider of 'windows', that he knew I was having a problem with 'unwanted / junk files', and that he would help me fix it. Of course I was suspicious and it later transpired that I would have to register and pay a fee of £55 (for a year's subscription) to get this service. He then went on to try (very hard) to sell me this service with all its wonderful points. I said I didn't think I could afford it and I didn't trust someone coming on the phone in such a way anyway, so asked him to call back some days later (so I would have a chance to investigate them...).

I've not found a lot on the net but I did find their site ( which APPEARS sort of legitimate, but I also found a site called which says it's a con ( - David Wright at the beginning of the thread says they call people at random and these so-called junk files are just normal windows files... Ha!

Soooo... I'm just wondering if other people have had this experience... and I've asked them to call me back in a couple of days (because 'I'm thinking about it') so I'd love to have lots of back up evidence so I can give them a right good piece of my mind and expose them to as many people as possible... :) It's not right!

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    Yeah I've had them call me a couple of times as well over the space of about nine months. Once a bloke and then a woman.

    They are called cold calling telephone sales or marketing. I just told them I wasn't interested.

    The best thing to do with any of them as they launch into their sales speech script spiel is to just stop then dead by saying, "Hang on who are you again?" Always has the desired effect and shuts them up so you can get a word in.

    When they say who they are just say, "No, not interested." and put the phone down.

    Simple and effective way to deal with the likes of all telephone sales!

    For the benefit of our Yankee Cousins this happens quite a lot in the UK.

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    I've had that dude call me up twice!

    The first time i had this problem was in 2004 when a company called my mobile because they needed my details.. obviously a scam..

    Now about 3 months ago i got a call from a Tech-Support-center to help me fix my computer because they had an email from me stating i needed help

    ... to which i laughed at the guy and told him i'd probably be the last person in the world who would pay £100 for someone to fix my computer

    So yeah, to everyone, watchout! Give out your card details to one of these scammers and you could be in real trouble!

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    hahahahaha i'm able to think of that taking place. I heard one the place tech help informed a guy to write down click on the field and the consumer reported it would not artwork. Tech help asked what what got here approximately and the consumer reported, "properly, I wrote click interior the field and not something got here approximately." no count if it particularly is genuine i don't understand even nonetheless it probable is hehehehehe.

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    theres nothing illegal about telemarketing

    srry to say but unless they dont do exactly what was offered theres no way to get them caught

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    Never heard of that, but it definitely sounds like a scam.

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