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Boyfriend And Best friend flirting!?

k me and my bf just got back together on friday. (we broke up over trust issues) anyways i found out that on friday my best friend and my boyfriend were flirting with each other. my friend told him she wud much rather prefer a kiss then a hug nd then she put jk. anyways i dont understand why she did that to me!! she always seem to like my boyfriends or any guy i like!!! it really pissed me off that she did that nd her excuse was that she was hyper!!! she apologized but im to god dam mad at her to care about wat she says! so cud somone help me out in wat to do. am i over reacting??

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    Not a good friend I would say

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    Oh, hell no. That Bit*h is not your friend. It is really hard to figure out exactly what your talking about because your spelling is off really bad, from what I can gather, but your best friend should not even be hugging, flirting, or touching your boyfriend in any way. PERIOD. I wouldn't trust either of them. They are both disrespecting you horribly. Look on the bright side at least they aren't sneaking around or acting fake just for your sake.

    Your boyfriend should be only about touching you. Tell them both to go kick rocks before they both dump you for each other. You don't need, or deserve that kind of crap in your life anyway.

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    Of course ure not over reacting, I cant even imagine my bestfren flirting with my man. Its very natural. But yeah she does seem jealous and ure bf is just plain stupid if he let her flirt. And u said u guys broke up over trust issue? Sorry swetheart but with a guy like that, how much further ure relationship can go. Dont blame other people, even ure best fren if ure man is the one who doesnt stop gurls from flirting with him.

    But since they only spoke about things and didnt do anything, give every one a second chance. If things still seem screwed up and if they betray ure trust in any way again, well its time to get a new boyfren.. and a new "real" best fren.

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    Hmm... that really is a sticky situation. If I were you I would talk to the guy first and make it clear that you have no special interests with him and that your best friend means the world to you. Don't come off threatening though. Let him think and make the decision for himself whether to keep on flirting with you or be loyal to his girlfriend. If he continues to mess around then tell your best friend about him. But if he stops then just pretend he was a lost puppy who found his way back home :)

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    no your not over reacting at all. there is a thin line that boyfriends and best friends shouldn't cross. and this is the main reason why u shouldn't let your female friends around your boyfriends. if yall broke up over trust issues then that should have been a sign. your best friend just cant be trusted! but it all depends on if you and your boyfriend love each other and are trying to build something that is going to last if not then let the two of them be together and you can move on

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    Get rid of her. If she's done it before then deff. don't be friends anymore.

    I had a friend who would do that often and i over passed it, and it turns out the last boyfriend i had before my current one, she was fooling around with behind my back. Now that may not be the case, but id really consider looking at all the situations, and if she's done it before, and keeps doing it, tell her to hit the road :P

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    Your not overreacting at all. But your best friend is a wh-re and she doesnt deserve your friendship. You dont need someone like that in your life that you are going to have to worry about bringing your boyfriends around. thats not a friend, nor is it a best friend. I say to talk to your boyfriend about it, and see how the conversation actually went. if she provoked it and was only doing the flirting then you should stick with him, but still be cautious. But i say you should DEFINATELY drop that "best friend" of yours. Best friends, should NEVER, act like that, ever!

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    Yeah that is messed up my girl friends are like that but i dont ever flirt back i just say oh ok thats funny or whatever they try too flirt with me about i dont wanna tell my girl because i dont want her friens and i ruining anything so i jsut kinda ignore em but sometimes hse gets amd at me when they talk too me i aint trying to be rude so i say yeah i know i heard or whatever and then she walks off and then i go follow her and then we are cool

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    hun u r not over reacting i have a friend like that and it sucks its just ganna keep happening either brake up with the guy or end the friendship but let me say this the guys come and go but friends are forever

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    No, girl, you aren't over reacting at all. She's a sorry best friend, and you need a new one. You definitely need to talk to her about this. She is a very jealous person. She wants whatever you want, maybe even just cause she doesn't want you to have him.

    Nope, you aren't over reacting!

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