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What exercises should I do in the gym to lose weight?

Well, I'm 13, and I stand at 5'5.

I weigh 130 pounds or so.

Anyways, I've finally gotten a chance to go the gym for the very first time tomorrow, and I'm excited, because I want to lose weight.

I want to lose at least five pounds by Mid-August, since that's the start of my new school year. I want to look good for the freshman year, so I'm determined to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and train my body as well as I can!

Problem is, I don't know what to do! What machines are best to use for losing weight, or what kind of routine I should do for each?

I need help! Will someone please give me a routine to follow, so I can lose weight by mid-august?


I have no control over my diet, seeing as my family doesn't allow me to choose whatever I want to eat.

I have to eat what's given to me, and set on the table.

I'm not allowed to leave the house to go walk around the neighborhood, because I have a very strict family. So basically, the gym is the main resource I have to losing weight.

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    Don't head straight for the free-weights.

    Do exersizes that will improve on your cardio. (This includes running, swimming, aerobics; etc.)

    I'd say the best routine would be this:

    Start off with a warm-up lap around the gym.

    Stretch your muscles thoroughly. (Asian stretches work like a dream.)

    If you can, after each pair of stretches, do 10 push-ups.

    Run for, say, ten to fifteen minutes on the treadmill. I mean, run.

    25 sit-ups. (It's fun to put a 10 lb weight on your chest as you do so.)

    Then, the free-weights. Work with the 5 lbs dumbbellls.

    (A fun one would be to hold the weights parallell to your shoulders and hold the position for 30 seconds.)

    Push your body. Not to its limit, but not so little that it's easy.

    Then, to cool down, head to the pool and do a cool-down lap.

    It's a cool-down, so go slowly.

    You'll only have to do this once or twice a week, though; at least, the hard stuff. I'd recommend running a bit every day to keep your metabolism humming; you'll lose more weight that way.

    It'll feel like hell for the first couple of weeks, but it does make you feel extremely accomplished once you're done.

    Source(s): I'm a wrestler; we did this during conditioning. I'm 13, a girl, 5"1, 100 lbs, and I have 17% body fat. Before I started working out, I was 28% body fat. Hope this helps. ^__^
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    You probably know that exercise alone won't do it. Plan a sensible diet by cutting out sweets and try to limit yourself to about 1500-2000 calories a day.

    A good cardio routine with help more than anything. Aerobics, stepping, walking, stair climbers, etc. just about anything that will keep your heart rate elevated at around 130-150 beats a minute. Check with the gym staff and I bet they can recommend a good routine for you. Most gyms will give you a few free 'consultations' on your first visits.

    Once you drop those 5 lbs, you can probably switch to a resistance training routine. This will help you tone your muscles and tighten things up. Also remember muscle weighs more than fat, so as you develop muscle, you may actually gain a few pounds but slim down in the process.

    Remember, it's how you feel about yourself, not how you look.

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    its good that you're determined to lose weight and have cut out time in your schedule to go to the gym. the best way to burn fat and calories and lose weight is to jog.

    -jog on a treadmill for 30 to 40 minutes straight at a pace that you can keep up with but is a struggle

    -also, look at the gym walls around the weight room area, usually there will be a guide that has exercises you can do with weights. Use weights to gain muscle and tone your body. It will speed up your metabolism also. (do weights for 20 minutes)

    Overall, you should be at the gym jogging and doing weight-training for around 50 to 60 minutes 3 times a week.

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    Well the basic in losing weights such as jogging, running, or so forth have long shots but if you value more about your diet consumptions I'm sure you might gain a 'loss' of weight

    I suggest that you should eat some veggies or fruits and limit your fatty/chocolate in takes.... I don't prefer using machines except a bicycle

    which is safer and less fatigue for your age >.< Oh don't forget to at least take a 50m walk at the park (optional)

    Good luck and I hope this could help you get the body you always wanted before starting your freshmen year XD

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    Exercising in the gym may put on muscle, but more and more they are finding out it's not the best way to lose weight.

    Neither is dieting as in cutting back to rabbit food.

    I did that Michael Thurman program and lost 40 pounds in six weeks by walking every day for an hour split into two half hour sessions, and then eating six times a day.

    There's not real magic to the system and I don't think you should buy it.

    I do think that eating 4-5 ounces of protein and then as many cooked vegetables as you want with, fruits, cooked potatoes. and salads thrown in every now and then can do more good and won't harm you.

    Just - no butter and minimal oil, however I have found that using a little oil only slows the weight loss down, it doesn't stop it at all.

    If you WANT muscle, work out in the gym. In the long run more muscle burns fat at rest, BUT you have to up your metabolism and slow burn muscle rate, so you'll still need to do a slow, steady exercise to gain that.

    Besides, it's better for your heart and lungs and keeping your total body circulation in shape for the long term.

    You only walk fast enough to get your heart rate up to about 125 beats per minute. Later, if you need to, you can do a slow, slow jog, but that's it.

    In my mind it's better to walk every day and eat good meals six times a day.

    Edited to add: Next time you ask a question it would be nice to know YOUR RESTRICTIONS beforehand. It's dismaying to have someone shoot down what you're saying only because they chose NOT to inform everyone about their REAL circumstances.

    If you have a family that is that rude to make you "eat everything on your plate" and won't let you get outside then you need to see the school counselor.

    If you live in a restrictive country, well good luck to you. This journey will be difficult, and besides working yourself senseless in the gym there's not much else anyone can tell you.

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    If you are looking to just lose weight and firm up a bit stay away from the weights.

    You want to do Aerobic/Cardio Exercises

    Jogging, Stair Climbing, Cycling, Brisk walking, treadmill exercises, Ski machines and elliptical exercises are the best cardio exercises. These exercises provide a sustained effect on your body and can be maintained for a certain period of time.

    Also the exercise should be gradable and have an option to add resistance. Why? Just as Muscles need Progressive resistance to grow, your cardio respiratory system needs additional resistance to pull it out of comfort zone and produce consistent results.

    Treadmills, Bicycles and Step Aerobics provide these grading benefits and therefore are among the highest rated Weight Loss Exercises.

    As time goes on you will perform cardio very easily and the need to add resistance arises. At this time you have to switch over to a treadmill or ski machine.

    Good luck!

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    First of all, you are already in your target weight zone. But losing five pounds probably wouldn't hurt, and its nice to see that you are doing it by hitting the gym instead of starving yourself!

    To get the most effective workout, you need to do both cardio and resistance. Walk or jog on the treadmil until you reach your target heart rate. (this is the zone in which you burn fat and strengthen/tone muscles most effectively.) Once you reach this point, immediately move to resistance (weights, push-ups...) Then go back to cardio. Repeat.

    It doesn't really matter which form of cardio and resistance you choose, but it is best to keep changing your routine, because your body will get used to the same thing quickly.

    Also, be sure to stay hydrated, and continue to eat right. Take a multivitamin too.

    you may also consider talking to one of the trainers at the gym. usually they meet with you for no charge your first visit to help you get started on a fitness plan and assess your overall goals.

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