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Looking for inexpensive fashion influenced by Emma Watson's style?

Things like simple cardigans and inexpensive blazers... and anything else you can give me would be great, i love her style and it's so close to my own i just don't know where and how to get my hands on her types if clothes at a good price, that I, at 16 can afford.

Here Are Some Examples:

-just simple cardigans

- The Gray one in the middle with the two stripes on the arm

- Inexpensive version of Boots Emma Watson is wearing

- Blazers like the two i posted above

here's an example of one she has worn:

So if you could add any thing that you think would fit please share... obviously if you have any websites or stores, that would be lovely... again basically i'm looking for an inexpensive emma watson style.... thanks soo much!!!

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Hey pissy girl above she clearly stated that emma watson style was similar to her own so she is not trying to copy her plus there is no problem with someone admiring anothers sense of style.

    But anyway to actually answer your question old navy and the gap have cute cardigans and blazers also places like h&m, forever 21, and topshop (only online) also have cute affordable clothes in multiple styles in case you want to mix it up!

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  • 1 decade ago

    how about dressing like yourself instead of impersonating a celeb

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