Corn Pops and Fruit loops?? Don't we sell these in the UK?

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Where can i buy corn pops and fruit loops, i used to eat these when i was younger, I cant see them in my local tesco or Asda
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
They've been taken off British Shelves because they are too high in E Numbers, they used to sell Lucky Charms too but now they are only an American thing as the British Food people or w/e thing they are too unhealthy. You have to go to specialst shops like 'Candy Heaven' or order online. American Cereal looks so ******* awesome, they got like a PURPLE CEREAL!?!?! Called Booberry and it's mascot is A GHOST!?!?!? I really want some of that but all we got is crappy Ricicles and Musli.

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great answer, explains everything...
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  • ellen m answered 5 years ago
    they sell fruit loops in lidl
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  • magenta answered 5 years ago
    I can't remember ever having Fruit Loops in this country, Corn Pops haven't been sold here for a good few years.
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  • gembolatino answered 5 years ago
    Corn pops are sugar puffs. I don't think we do fruit loops.
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  • Chaz D answered 5 years ago
    they dont sell them anywhere :(
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