Why does the American media always show German soldiers as evil while showing the Japanese with honor in WW2?

Every American movie and almost every American history books always show all German soldiers as being evil and sadistic racists.What pisses me of is that American movies and history books often portray the Japanese as brave honorable soldiers who deserved to be respected by the allies.BUT THE JAPANESE WERE ANYTHING BUT HONORABLE!Japanese soldiers often sadistically abused and tortured Allied Prisoners of War,causing many of them die from starvation or exhaustion in work camps!Also,Japanese soldiers often brutally massacred inhabitants of places they went to for no reason but for the pleasure of seeing the people they conquered suffer!Additionally,Japanese would kidnap women as young as 15 in the places they conquered and send them to rape camps and brothels to be raped by Japanese sailors and soldiers!These kidnapped women would be raped as often as 30 times a day and face beatings and physicalpain by the Japanese military personnel that raped them!These poor women had faced sevre Vaginal bleeding and sevre vaginal pain from numerous rapes they faced.In fact many of them would be unable to produce children because of damage they recieved in their vagina and reproductive systems!Many of these young women would become ill.Even when ill,Japanese soldiers still sadistically raped them and brutally beaten them for no reason but fun!So many of these victimized rape women have died from illnesses they recieved from beatings and being raped so many times!As much as 100,000 women were kidnapped and sent to brothels and rape camps by the Japanese military!

Now,although they are demonized by the American media as being as sadistic murderers and rapists,the typical German soldier was nothing but a regular man who is only fighting because it is his duty for his country!Despite seeing their people face numerous attrocities like massacres and rape by the allied armies(especially by the Soviets,the typical German soldier did his best to be honorable and follow the laws of Geneva Convention!Unlike the Japanese,German soldiers would do their best to take care of prisoners of war they captured(even when they lacked the supplies to do so)!German soldiers were disgusted by the concept of slaughtering and raping inhabitants of places they conquered, and rarely did they commit rape and slaughter in the areas they had invaded!Not even the Waffen SS(Who committed most of the German armies war crimes) was prone to mistreatment of POWs and brutal treatment of inhabitants of countries that Germany conquered!In fact,thw Waffen SS thought slaughtering and raping local inhabitants was bad for military discipline!Even when they were hopelessly already losing the war,German soldiers still followed the Geneva Convention and acted honorably in the last days of WW2!

So why do most Americand think all German soldiers were evil rapists and murderers while thinking that most Japanese soldiers were brave honorable men who deserved respect?I'm American and am pissed of with this!

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    Because most people fail to realize that most of the German military were not hard-line Nazis. Most people seem to think every German soldier was like the SS which is simply false. In fact a lot of the regular German military resented the hard-liners but obviously couldn't speak up.

    Irwin Rommel was actually offered a lead spot in a plot to assassinate Hitler... but he turned it down because he felt that internal conflict would not be in the best interest of German at the time

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    How can you make such a claim that "most Americans think all German soldiers were evil rapists and murderers while thinking that most Japanese soldiers were brave honorable men who deserved respect"? Have you asked most Americans? Have you taken a survey? What exactly is your source?

    If you are obtaining your "facts" from movies and books, that could be the problem. Only documentaries and non-fiction books are historically correct. Directors and writers use movies and novels to provide their own interpretation of events and are not meant to be completely factual. Some times they exaggerate or invent facts to make the story more interesting.

    You also have to be carefull with a common human fault where some of us exaggerate ourselves. We read something about a small group of people and then believe that most are that way.

    Some Japanese were considered honorable only to their own people, country and emperor. There was little honor between some of the Japanese and their enemy. I learned this from documentaries and some neighbors and relatives who experienced it first hand.

    Also, I noticed you did not mention about some of the brutal treatment attributed to some Germans. Ever hear about the killing of unarmed civilians and captured prisoners of war? Ever hear about the killing of all civilian males in an entire town because a prisoner escaped? Ever hear about bombing an entire town because a bridge was blown up? Ever hear about the holocaust because some people were different? I've had distant relatives that were victims.

    Finally, I know that not all Japanese and Germans committed such horrible acts. But war does bring out the bad side in some of us, even in Americans.

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    Your question really hits the spot with me. Especially since my grandfather was a German POW in one of those Russian camps. And it's unfortunate what has happened.

    In history books, the Pacific is hardly mentioned although it's a major part of the war. Only the war in Europe. There's still a guilt going about I think about how Americans locked innocent Japanese up as well. Plus, these days, people like the Japanese. Anime is apart of the modern American pop culture. We idolize the Samurai.

    As for Germany, it's a nation struggling to move on when the entire world refuses to forgive them. They are good people. When I was in High School a girl said "I hate all Germans." To which I replied "Well I'm German. You hate me too?" I lived in Germany and I knew a good number of people who lived during World War II. Most of them had nothing to do with the Holocaust. They were struggling to keep themselves alive. You really can't judge them in such horrific settings. Maybe the same goes for the Japanese too.

    But there is some hope. My school did a wall, where they asked all students to put the names of family members who served in the military. I asked if I could put my grandfather's name up even though he served in the German army. Without even a second thought they said "Absolutely!"

    Source(s): An American granddaughter of a German soldier and I'm proud of it.
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    It is odd considering Allies had a much better chance surviving in German POW camps then the Japanese. The Japanese also have been noted for the particular brutality and maiming of corpses. While people focus on the Nazi's crimes they seem to forget the Japanese CRIMES.Look up their unit camps UNIT 731 ect. The used biological weapons such as plagues on entire towns and performed disembowelment surgery's without anesthesia for the purpose of "science".

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    Well first off you are looking at war movies, and they paint a picture that is not always true.

    Also the Waffen SS is the military arm of the SS for waffen means armed. Yes there are accounts of wehrmacht and ss unit commiting war crimes. Now most the murdering of the jews and other ethnic and soical groups was done by the non military parts of the SS and Gestapo.

    Most of the reason that the german is painted as evil is for the action done during the holocaust. Also there are high number of accounts of germen and waffen ss troops killing russian pows and puting them on death marchs much as the japanese did.

    now to focus on japanese war films

    Blood Oath/Prisoners of the Sun: This takes a look at the war crimes done to ally pows by the japanese

    The Bridge on the River Kwai: Shows some of the treatment of ally pows by the japanese the conditions and the way the japanese treated pows. Now a note this doesn't give a negative point of view on the japanese but it does show an important fact of the building of the burma railroad by the japanese.

    Destination Tokyo: more american point of view then japanese.

    Flying Leathernecks: again more american point of view.

    Flags of Our Fathers: now this isn't a film i like but it does show the japanese point a view a little but focuses more on the american point of view again.

    Guadalcanal Diary: now this does show some of the nasty little tricks the japanese would do in combat.

    Gung Ho!: more american point of veiw but does show a little bit of japanese combat tatics.

    Halls of Montezuma (film): showing again the american point but explores the horrers of the pacific teather.

    Kokoda (also known as Kokoda - 39th Battalion) : now this one of the better films. showing the austrilian point of view around the fight for the kokoda trail and does show he burtality of the japanese.

    Midway: american point of view but shows the honor of the japanese navy.

    The Thin Red Line: one of the better pacific war films shows the horrer of war from both sides and shows the burtality of both sides.

    Tora! Tora! Tora!: shows the japanese point of view of pearl harbor and shows them as honorable fighters(note this is the navy)

    The Burmese Harp: now this movie shows the burmese campaign near the end of one japanese soliders and shows the honor some of his fellow soilders show and the horrers of war itself and what happens to him after the war.

    Windtalkers: again american point of view and the tatics of both sides in the war but it gives a human side to it and also shows what war does to a man.

    Letters from Iwo Jima: now this movie shows the point of view of the japanese during the battle of iwo jima its a good film to see to get a view of the japanese feelings of war.

    Now this is a shoet this there are more films on the pacific campaign which show the story from both sides.

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    My actual guess would be, that's how the people who run whatever television stations you're talking about wanted the German's to be portrayed. I believe many of the top executives in the TV industry are Jewish, so they feel the need to make the German's seem even more atrocious. It's their way of extracting revenge.

    Also, lots of people don't really care about what happened with Japan and Asia, as it had a smaller effect in America.

    Source(s): Just my thoughts.
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    I don't agree with your observation at all.

    About 2% of American, UK, French, etc... prisoners taken by the Germans died in POW camps. Most of those arrived in camp badly wounded.

    Over 35% of POW's taken by the Japanese died in camps. The Japanese didn't even take wounded prisoners. They murdered them right in the field.

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    (a) I don't agree with your assertion that WWII Japanese soldiers are portrayed as noble warriors.

    (b) Sorry, but it's hard to work up much indignation about Nazis being unfairly portrayed in the media.

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    Because Germans wanted to commit genocide. Japanese just wanted to take over the world:)

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    I couldn't possibly disagree with your basic premise any more than I do. In my opinion, having watched thousands of hours of American produced movies and documentaries about WWII I think you are completely off base.

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